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  1. Ooo, I do have a few to share here! First Appearance Loki God of Stories version First Appearance Worthy Loki Deadpool tries to choose the correct Loki for his War- love this so much, obviously he settles on old school Loki, (after deciding that Female Loki would be too difficult of conditions to work under), which informs the rest of the run. The whole page breaks the third wall, even the Lokis he is looking up break them, with reference to writers.
  2. I think a grail can be anything you have been searching for, that represents something ultimately meaningful to you. So, if having a cover of all the X-men, in an awesome pose, done by a strong artist like Scott, that sums up a bunch of childhood memories is what Jay was looking for, this is definitely a grail! Fantastic piece and congrats!
  3. Hello! First time posting here. I have collected art for a long time now. Originally, I collected animation artwork, because it was similar to owning a prop from the show. I've always loved art and had comic artists draw originals at cons, but I never really had the budget for the pages that I wanted until later. I got my first pages in around 2012, some pieces of work from the Marvel Movies preludes, since again, it was as close to having a 'piece' of the movie as I was going to get. Then it blossomed as I learned more about contacting the artists directly to get pages, and pretty soon I was getting pages for comics that had only just hit the presses. I'm very intrigued by restoring comic art and that might be something I try in the near future, with overlays to replace missing graphics, repair of tears and dents, things like that.