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  1. 3.5 IMO. I would send it for pressing and cleaning and I think it would get 4.0-5.0.
  2. Oh. My. God. It's unbelievable. My congrats to you, man!
  3. Hello everyone! How are you think, what grade does it has? What grade can it grade after pressing? Does it need pressing and cleaning? What is the grade of first and second cover? Does it has white pages? Thanks in advance!!!!!!
  4. Oh mess... check it out: https://www.cgccomics.com/grading/verify-cgc-comic.aspx?cgc-comic-cert=1507540002&grader-notes=yes It's reprint, but it has original copy's label
  5. I found this photo at the Internet page of comic shop in not my city.
  6. I found this comic book at eBay. How are you think, is it an homage at Amazing Fantasy #15?