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  1. I just wanted a simple quote of what you wanted. Never heard from you about it. I didn't rush you to get the book. I wanted to know know your price.
  2. Well....... this guy let me down. Any other takers?
  3. I have been looking for three years for this. I missed one chance in an auction that it figures I didn't search that week, but yeah, I want this. It would mean a lot to me to have this.
  4. You can probably get all you needed on Ebay. You can still get a Spawn #1 in a 9.8 most of the time ofr under a $100. I would imagine others would be as cheap or even cheaper.
  5. Good luck, that book is a little pricey even in poor condition. Cheapest one I've seen so far is $200 or best offer on Ebay for what the seller says is a 1.8.
  6. I will raise the pay to $250 if someone has this issue in a 9.8
  7. Thank you slpfi27! I had caught that a few days ago. There was also another one that was put up for a buy it now price of $240 and so I didn't want to take any chances and purchased that one. It should be at my door step Monday. Thanks for the reply. Now all I need is Detective comics 587 in a 9.8 and I will be safisfied.
  8. There is one on ebay right now for $73 in a 9.6. Hopefully you're not bidding over that.
  9. I'll raise the price to $200 since the last one sold for $190 on Ebay.
  10. I am willing to pay $175 if you have a 9.8 that you are willing to part with.