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  1. I’m thinking about attending but I’ll have to see what procedures they put in place. I usually go to look for back issues, buy Pops and meet celebs but I’m not touching anything that hasn’t been wiped down after others handled it and meeting Big Sexy behind a plexiglass shield would be a total buzzkill.
  2. I suck at math but I think there’s one set left. If there is I’ll give this thread a happy ending.
  3. Disney is planning to reopen April 1st. Baseball plans to start a couple weeks later. Megacon is clinging dearly to the idea their show will be fine. I think everyone expects this global pandemic to be over in two weeks. So of course nobody is freaking out about FCBD in MAY!
  4. They really should cancel the show. Getting that many people in close proximity during a pandemic is grossly irresponsible. I’m worried about con season as a whole until summer
  5. I was gonna turn to the 'Bay for this but I had good luck with my last couple searches on here so here goes. I'm looking for a decent copy of ASM 78 (first Prowler), preferably raw as I want to get it signed at an upcoming con and don't trust the cracking after my ASM300 disaster. Looking for a mid to upper mid grade copy, 7.0-8.5ish. GPA is my guideline for what I look to pay but with ungraded books hopefully someone is willing to work with me on price. Thanks!
  6. Finally! I’ve been to three cons in three states looking for these to nada
  7. I just had this happen to me. I bought a 9.2 CGC blue label ASM 300 off Ebay. Came back yellow SS 7.5. Unless they cracked it with a hacksaw or Todd decided to use it as a napkin during his marathon signing, I’m dumbfounded as to the disparity. I get grading is subjective and can see where the differences between 9.2 and 9.4 can be minuscule but how does a grader blow a grade by 2 whole grades?
  8. I sent in a CGC graded 9.2 and it came back 7.5. You should consider yourself blessed with good luck.
  9. Grader notes say: bend left bottom of back cover finger bends left center of back cover moderate spine stress lines breaks color multiple staple rusted spine if these were on the 9.2 before it was graded, I’m shocked this many errors got a 9.2. If they occurred during the cracking, well, I guess we’ll never know. Either way I lost $175 in value just by submitting this to Todd.
  10. My Mcfarlane books arrived today and what should have been a joyous occasion has severely depressed me to say the least. I sent in two books, Spawn 1 and ASM 300. The Spawn is my personal copy that I’ve read dozens of times and has been in my long box for years. That came back 9.6. My ASM was a slabbed and graded CGC copy I bought off eBay. I bought a 9.2, it came back to me...7.5 I am so sick and mad right now. I wanted a nice copy for my personal collection now I can’t even throw it back on eBay and get it out of my sight without a catastrophic loss. Oh well, congrats to everyone else on their successes.
  11. The CGC booth at Megacon gets absolutely slammed. The past two years I’ve been there, the line was crazy. I missed getting Frank Walker SS waiting for a witness last year. So just a word of advice/warning, make sure you build in at least 45 min wait just to get your witness.
  12. Why on earth do creators care what we do with our comics?
  13. Same happened to me. My book came back 7.5 with “multiple dents” on first submission so I figured it’d be a good press candidate and resubbed it. Came back 9.0 with “multiple dents.” I think when you resubmit the original grader notes carry over or something. Either that or my first grader was in a bad mood that day. .