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  1. I apologize if this is off topic or wrong forum. I did something stupid. I have a movie poster (STar Trek First Contact) signed by the entire TNG cast. I just finished it at a con last month and didn’t want to travel with it so I mailed it back to myself. I packed it up in proper triangle box and everything but my FedEx guy must’ve been Ace Ventura because when it arrived it looked like someone took a sledgehammer to it. I am sick. The poster is not ripped but there’s giant color breaking dents all over it. I saw CCS does restoration on books that replaces color and dents and I was wondering if they work on posters? If not, does anyone have a recommendation for a place that would work on my poster? Thanks.
  2. I just met Steve Englehart (writer during a lot of Rogers’ run) at a con last weekend. Nice man. Sadly very few people knew who he was. This era doesn’t get the love it deserves, especially when you consider they introduced Silver St Cloud, Deadshot, and the aforementioned joker fish stuff that all is used a lot in movies/tv adaptations today.
  3. Hi all. I'm looking for raw copies of Carnage Mindbomb and It's a Wonderful Life. Not looking for super super high grade, books in the 8ish range would be perfect. Wonderful Life is a little higher priority since I already have a copy of Mindbomb, albeit pretty low grade. Thanks!
  4. Shoot, I've had books busted down to 9.2 or 9.0 for practically imperceptible flaws, never mind blatant ones like that. I don't see how that possibly scored a 9.8 either. Either you got an extremely generous grader or, not to accuse CGC of anything untoward, the corner scuffing happened after it was graded either during encapsulation or shipping. This is the first time I've heard of label swapping. Is that really a thing?
  5. I buy long boxes off FB when I see a local trying to dump them for cheap. I cherry pick the comics I want but usually end up with a ton of doubles that are your typical dollar bin fodder. So every year for the past 5 years, I've stuck a stack outside on Halloween and told kids to take one. It's my way of trying to convert the youth of America to the cult of comicdom. Of course, the stack is usually a ton of Amalgam and 90s Image books so I'm not really sure if I'm recruiting the next generation or driving them further away.
  6. Those Gold Key Trek covers are really cool.
  7. I’m gonna cheat and say 4.5/5. Presents very nicely despite the flaws. Hope you reveal the grade after a half dozen or so posts. I wish we had a “guess the grade” subforum for already graded books because I like playing this game!
  8. Since a couple cool boardies hooked me up on my last couple requests, I thought I'd throw one last request out there before my final con of the year. Looking for a decent copy of Detective 475, classic Jokerfish cover. I have a pretty low grade copy already but I thought I'd see if anybody out there has a little better copy they'd be willing to part with. I'm not looking for a super serious investment grade 9.6 or anything like that, something in the 6s or 7s range is fine. Raw is preferred. Thanks!
  9. Don’t tell him that. He’s convinced he is. If you’re a fan of Stan or his “pinhead brother” Larry Lieber, I wouldn’t advise asking Bob what he thinks of them
  10. I had the same thought soon as I saw it. The labels usually do nothing for me but ASM36 would look great with that label. I don’t have any cons left to go to but I’d be tempted to make the hour or so drive to Sarasota to drop my copy off if I had Collector membership.
  11. Celebrities ruined it. I talked with Bob Layton once about this and he made the good point that if the guy who played the third Wookiee on the left in Phantom Menace can charge $40 for an auto, why can’t the creator of Iron Man ask for $10? Which isn’t to say ebay is blameless. Creators have told me they look at what flippers charge on eBay so many are definitely aware and want “their piece” of the pie as it were. But what most of them don’t comprehend is just because someone lists a $15 modern for $299 after its signed doesn’t mean they actually GET that. Personally, I think the flippers thing is just a convenient crock for creators to justify charging for worthless autographs.
  12. Thanks for the link but it appears that copy is/was sold. It’s tagged “sale pending.” But that is exactly what I’m looking for. I would even have been good with the $200 8 that was sold there too. I’m not sure why the offers I’ve been getting are so ridiculously inflated. Anyway I’ll keep an eye on that site if another suitable copy pops up but in the meantime still searching! Thanks!
  13. Still looking for a decent MPP4. Saw somebody posted one in the Marketplace last night but of course it’s sold by the time I see the thread today Would still prefer a nice mid range copy but am willing to go higher for a little better grade. Bumping this one last time and then I’ll just grab a crappy filler copy on the ‘bay and wait til next year (or my evil twin goes away and stops snaking me out of every decent MPP4 and ASM194 I see in the threads )
  14. He’s very talented but I can’t get over all his ladies having those dead eyes