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  1. No more paypal in 2023?
  2. So sad. What makes it worse is what has happened to him over the past year or so. How he was used by associates, the number of thefts from his accounts and all the #metoo stories in the press which made me wonder if this contributed to his passing.
  3. This show was truly amazing. It started slow and because it was animated it was often overlooked but the depth of the characters and great stories made it possibly the best Star Wars after from the original trilogy.
  4. Are the covers reused? The Bats and Supes look familiar but not 100% sure.
  5. Would have prefered a sequel show 200 years after GoT. Sick of prequels and i fear it'll never live up to the series that GRRM has been working on since 1991. That being said I will watch anything set in Westoros.
  6. Force her out. Her mismanagement has been a calamity. A Star Wars movie doing this badly, not to mention one that cost $300m is not what Disney anticipated when paying $4 Billion. Yes the previous 3 were a huge (financial) success but lets face it - Anyone in Hollywood could have delivered those numbers with the pent up demand for Star Wars in 2015, especially for Luke, Han and Leia returning. Just look at her record 2013 Michael Arndt was hired to write the sequel trilogy but was fired and replaced. 2015 Josh Trank was hired to develop a Boba Fett movie and then fired after Fantastic Four was released. 2016 Gareth Edwards directed Rogue One but was replaced by Tony Gilroy for extensive reshoots. 2017 After 2 years working on it, Colin Trevorrow was fired from IX because of the poor reviews the Book of Henry recieved. 2017 Lord and Miller were a couple of weeks from finishing Solo before being fired. 85% of the film was reshot by Ron Howard which resulted in it being one of the most expensive films ever made. This is without even getting into the fallout from The Last Jedi and her decision to give Rian Johnson a new TRILOGY two weeks before the most divisve Star Wars film was released or her own personal agenda she has been pushing for Star Wars.
  7. space sci-fi just isn't popular in that part of the world. The only exception being Japan where Star Wars is big. On the other hand China is crazy for Iron Man especially.
  8. Kathleen Kennedy won't be around for much longer. I think after IX she will be gone
  9. FWIW The source is the Daily Mail. A British paper at the absolute depths of the gutter press so take it with a sack of salt. But even the #metoo movement has to have a Stan Lee cameo
  10. Didn't watch the Barbie but enjoyed the rest, especially Star Wars and G.I. Joe. Look forward to the Transformers episode. Need an episode on Marvel and DC toys.
  11. has been down all week due to excess traffic. No other option but to post here.
  12. Never seen such a fast negative reaction to a SW movie. With TPM it built up slowly. Most people said/pretended to like it at the time. Not this time. I just hope Rian Johnson gets his new trilogy taken away from him and Kathleen Kenedy gets fired. Of course Disney only cares about the gross and will look at the numbers and think she is doing a great job. A chimpanzee in charge of Star Wars sequels with a yes/no buzzer would have gotten the same box office results. I'm so worried about how they will butcher my favourite character Han Solo in May .