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  1. Can't say i enjoyed the pilot. Did not draw me in like the Boys for example. Did not really understand what was going on. Will watch a few more because it's Watchmen and because of Damon Lindelof but not blown away so far.
  2. You mean that was real? I can't believe i had never heard of it before. Thought it was just for the show.
  3. I loved it. Wish it had been longer than 8 episodes. How many issues of the book does the first season cover? One minor critisism that Americans won't catch is Karl Urban's English accent is just awful. I wasn't sure if the charcter was English or an Australian until it was spelt out and It's not just me a bunch of other people have said the same. Strange considering that he is a great actor who did a perfect English accent in LOTR and a decent one in Ragnarok. It does get better in the later episodes.
  4. Ant-Man is no joke until the movies. One of the main Avengers. Ms Marvel has had a long run long before the movies. See comment above about Chinese box office. Just my opinions. No need to be a dbag.
  5. If a Star Wars movie featuring one of the most beloved characters in cinema can bomb, so can an MCU movie. Shang Chi will do well only because of China but the Chinese have a deal where only a tiny fraction of the BO goes to the studio. Like 10%.
  6. Not sure you can compare Aquaman (an ever present in the JLA) and Shazam (Huge in the 40s) to Eternals and Shang Chi (who have never been able to even hold down a regular title). I also think one of these upcomming movies will be the first MCU flop. Did they say phase 4 will end with Thor? I just assumed they only announced the first 2 years of phase 4.
  7. As a life long Marvel comic fan for 30 years they have finally reached the bottom of the barrel with characters I know nothing about. I was even a fan of Guardians long before the movies but the Eternals and Shang-Chi? Bascially a poor man's Inhumans and Iron Fist. At least they teased Fantastic Four and X-Men. Hopefully they will do something with Daredevil too. These are real proper A-List characters we need to see.
  8. Sorry I'm just not seeing it. She doesn't look like her. She doesn't act like her. She doesn't even have the same name. You are saying she is Mary Jane because deep down they both push people away and don't allow anyone to get close. Hey It's fine. Life would be boring if we all agreed! I thought the best movie girlfriend was Gwen in ASM 1 & 2.
  9. I really don't understand what you mean by this. Not saying I dislike her but she's nothing like the comic character I remember in any way, shape or form. She's not even called Mary Jane but Michelle Jones.
  10. Went to my 3 LCS yesterday afternoon. All sold out in the morning. One is the biggest shop in the UK and would have ordered 100+ copies on an average issue of WD (not knowing it was the last issue). Usually they will put a limit on a book like this but it must have been a feeding frenzy. Even saw non comic collectors coming in off the street asking for it.