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  1. i went to 5 stores today searching for it. Out of all the stops i went too, someone i met at the last stop, got the only copy of the main cover they had. He was like iI'm sorry man. I said its okay i was really only looking for the mattina cover he told me he had one in his truck we traded in the parking lot on the spot for a lower grade i had in my truck from one of my earlier stops
  2. looks like theres is the slightest blunting along the right edge of comic like 50% of way down where it is than white color break
  3. please give me you opinion planning on getting signed and slabbed
  4. Fingers are crossed I think im going to get it pressed when slabbed idk yet. I usually purchase already slabbed. I'm about to post another. I feel most confident about the next one. Would appreciate your input on it, will be silver surfer black 1 1:100
  5. Looking to get signed at c2e2 by cates. took at 800 dpi on scanner please suggest if i should be doing something else. TIA
  6. Thanks for such a detailed response. I am excited for sure. I am attending the whole weekend or at least Friday and Saturday. I had the app downloaded already and added the people you suggested, that were on there, to my current list.
  7. Sorry if this should be posted somewhere else. This c2e2 is my first time attending a con. I want to get a few different things signed and graded. How hard is it to get a witness and do most artist sign at their both or are there scheduled times only, that are announced? Thanks in advance