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  1. The second one has to be Butch Guice. I'd say from his Aquaman run.
  2. He was always quiet and reserved, even when he was attending the Toronto OA gatherings. Looking at that list, I say he's been out of comics since 2009, and I probably haven't spoken to him since around that time.
  3. This is Mark Kidwell. Perhaps from Night of the Living Dead: Barbara?
  4. Questions: Are those your estimates or HA? If yours, did you write down your price estimates prior to the event, or is this a post-auction 'I'd have said' situation? What does it mean that for all but one piece, which closed a mere $53 dollars above estimate, the rest are minimum 25% higher, a lot are double? If it's HA estimates, then they are doing their job, right? Getting better than expected results. If these are your estimates, do you feel like you understand the market, and things are just crazy out there? As a long time collector who doesn't participate in the hobby in the same way as I did (as far as hours spent looking for art, checking auctions, ebay, making notes on prices; I'm probably running at 10% of the time and effort I placed on the hobby from 2000-2010), I personally feel like I am completely out of touch on the value of everything.
  5. I go on commenting binges, usually a result of a few adult beverages. I have a very specific comment I leave on the art, and I use it for any and all reasons: I want to own it, I like it, I like the owner, I thought the piece needed a comment, I like the artist, whatever.
  6. I read your CAF interview this week. I was thinking of reaching out to you, as we have some similar collecting interests and I'd had yet to come across your gallery for some reason. Now I've encountered it twice in less than a week. I own a Bernie piece that's is pretty similar to your new commission. Bernie is the nicest of nice; have you read his most recent book To-Get-Her?
  7. In 2005 I spoke with Quitely (or Vince, as the cool kids were calling him back then) and he told me he had three children and each were receiving a complete issue of WE3, as it was the work he was most proud of. So I don't imagine WE3 will come to market. He certainly threw himself into that work.
  8. Word is they are closed. They had found a new location at St. Clair & Yonge, but that fell through after they announced it, and a number of their subs publicly stated they weren't going to follow them five stops North on the subway line. It's been 4 months-ish since closing, and with these setbacks there was some disagreement between the owners as to how to proceed. They gave up their FanExpo tables, so it's likely closed. But there is always a chance they pop up again in some manner, perhaps convention only? Or one of the brothers opens again in a different location?
  9. I threw up in my mouth reading about this exchange. Confronted on the convention floor, can you imagine his body language and facial expressions as this conversation is playing out. Gotta ask my brother, indeed.
  10. So true! I'll throw some pieces in there, to highlight her skills at portraying action, movement, expression, and cuteness, of course!
  11. I haven't asked her explicitly, but my understanding is that Sophia is her correct name. Sophie is the nickname she predominantly uses.
  12. These would be photocopies of Tim's Batman story. There is no variation in the blacks, just look at the Joker page, so that tells me they aren't originals. Maybe 15 years ago he started working on a Batman story in an attempt to show them what he could do, artwise, with the character. A pitch, if you will. I don't think he's ever been published by DC, and he only worked on one Marvel issue, I believe. As he is notorious for holding onto his artwork, I doubt he's sold any of the Batman pages. But he's made copies for friends/fans in the past, he gave me 11x17 photocopies of the OA to a Faust issue 4 or 5 years before it was printed as a comic.
  13. I don't recall seeing anything available. I don't see him often, we occasionally nod at each other in the produce section, but I'll ask. If you'll be in Toronto next month, he'll be appearing at the library.