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  1. I want to thank those who graded my FF first post and while I do not plan to upload all of them (smiling,) I'm hoping y'all can find the time to give me your opinions on these two. Between the three I've posted, they pretty much represent the condition of most of the collection with a few exceptions. Thank you very much...
  2. Sorry about that, Mods...I DID read the sticky but of course, forgot. And regarding my failed attempt at humor, the old CRS brain combined "saved my bacon" and "lost my marbles." <still laughing at my own stupidity.
  3. Yep, my humor can FREQUENTLY be lame, my apologies. :-) But since y'all were so nice to give me the FF grades, I wonder if I could impose on you for a couple more. TIA as always...
  4. Many thanks, you two, that is pretty much perzactly what I thought. Now, I just have to figure out how to sell 'em. I have many, many memories of cool summer days, in the shade, with a brand new stack of Marvels to read. But, it's time for someone else to enjoy them. Thanks again...
  5. Hello comic lovers...first time on this forum but reasonably familiar with the etiquette...(I hope.) I have many dozens of Silver Age Marvels that thankfully, my dear mother stored away. They're not prize winners but since I got zero help on the other forum, I thought I would try here. I'm graphically-capable but sadly, I did not read the Forum Guidelines post prior to scanning as I did this for another reason at another time but I hope the dark scanner bed gives adequate contrast. Live and learn. BTW, these images, while downsampled in PS, were not edited other than to balance the histogram during scanning. Anyway, if there's a buddy here who can spare a grade or a grade range, this old codger would most certainly appreciate it. This issue is quite typical of the others with a few being noticeably better and of course, some worse. Here's the example and thank you for your time and efforts. Regards, KB