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  1. Thank you all for your replies. I will ask my contact at Heritage to submit all of these to CGC for grading. There is a real story to these comics and the condition they're in. I started buying comics at age 9 in 1965. I only bought DC's and have NEVER read a Marvel comic book. I was able to buy Golden Age when my dad drove us to Cherokee Bookstore in Hollywood. They were expensive to me (usually I bargained with Bert the comics seller to get issues like Superman #27,28 and #35 for $2.00 each. I almost balked at having to pay $8.00 for Superman #14! In the early 70's, my brother Alan told me he was getting rid of his entire collection. He was just going to take them to a yard sale or something like that. I really BEGGED AND BEGGED him not to do that. In the end, I finally asked him to just sell them to me. We agreed on a price of $60.00 for around 600 comic books, which included multiple copies of the various 1968 number #1 issues, as well as great Dell and Gold Key runs, such as Turok, Magnus Robot Fighter, Star Trek etc. Also lots of low value comics. As I said, I have never read a Marvel, meaning that these have sat unopened and never read for over 50 years. I will gladly post returns from CGC - I just need to learn how to do that. BTW - The comics I sent to heritage are: Star Trek #1, ASM #59, Nick Fury #1, FF #72, Captain Marvel #1, Doctor Strange #169, Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1, and Captain America #100.
  2. I am a 50+ year holder and a very new seller of my books. Last Friday, I delivered eight comics to their Beverly Hills office to be sent to Dallas. These are 1968ish key issues in very exceptional condition. They were sent "raw" because I didn't really know the importance of "slabbing" until this week (thank you especially to the posters in these forums}. I have multiple issues of these, so not too worried about it and will try to submit more intelligently next time. I'm just wondering how Heritage or other auctions handle submissions of ungraded comics, as in slabbing them, or is that just done by CGC and similar companies? I am aware that they do assign grades to the comics.