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  1. Hi there, I started a WTB thread a few weeks ago and csaag was so kind to reply and offer me some books. This started a very nice communication and even the fact that I live in Europe didn't lead the deal to a stop. Csaag went way out of the ordinary for me to find out shipping costs and shipping ways. Apart from just saying thanks I can only recommend everybody to deal with csaag. I can assure you it will be a pleasure ! Bye, Archi
  2. Mick, thank you very much for posting your books ! Unfortunately I either have then already or don't collect them (like Ghosts oder Haunted House or Withing hour). But anyway, thank you for your effort ! Archi
  3. @ Jaylam: I am glad that there are at least some series where I don't need any issues anymore But honestly, I still need Showcase #37
  4. @ faster friends: That depends on the condition of the book. @ csaag: Yes, the titles I listed are the only ones. @ Sal: Yes I am. @ Brock: Done. @ Top City Comics: Thanks ! Bye, Archi
  5. Hello everybody, I am looking for copies of Previews from 1989 up to 1998 and copies of Advance Comics. They don't need to be in good shape, I just want them for information. Please write to and tell me what you have. Thank you, Archi
  6. Hi everybody, I am looking for DC Super-Hero books in fair condition and up to very good condition. Now I know that your definition of “fair” may be different from my definition, so I try to be a little more specific: - no brittleness – if brittle is an issue with your copy, then I don’t want it - no missing pieces – if there are pages missing, then I don’t want it. If there are pieces missing, and the story is affected, then I don’t want it. If pieces are missing and the story is not affected, I can be convinced to take it. If it’s a key issue and a page is missing without the story being affected, I can be convinced to take it. - cover appearance – This is a difficult topic. The book needs to have a certain appeal left - if I look at it and just feel sorry for it, I can't buy it. So that’s where I want to ask you if you can send me a scan of your book. - No CGC books – I want to read the stuff So if you know somebody who knows somebody who might want to get rid of some books, please tell them to send a list with all their books to and I will answer and tell them if I need issues or not. Please allow me to take some time to answer. I try to look each day at least once into my mailbox, but sometimes I have to find the time to answer. The series I’m looking for are: Action Comics (up to #300) Adventure Comics (up to #300) Adventures of Jerry Lewis Aquaman Atom Batman Batman Annual Batman 3-D (1953) Best of DC Digest Brave and Bold (up to #50 Challengers of the Unknown (up to #50) Detective Comics (up to #300) Doom Patrol Flash Green Lantern House of Secrets Inferior Five Jimmy Olsen Lois Lane My Greatest Adventure Mystery in Space Rip Hunter Saga of the Swamp Thing Sea Devils Showcase Strange Adventures Super DC Giant Superboy (up to #100) Superman (up to #150) Superman 3-D (1953) Magazine-size Teen Titans Wonder Woman (up to #200) World’s Finest Comics (up to #100) I also still need books from post-silver age up to New52 (and TPBs and HCs and so on), so feel free to add everything you want to sell. And of course, I also need books pre-silver age … Thank you for reading ! Archi
  7. @Dormian: Do you know which books were in the 13 boxes he kept ?
  8. The only problem I have is that I don't understand why DC Comics counted their Vol. entries in the imprint up each year. For example, Batman Family #18 is stated with "Vol. 4" and Wonder Woman #308 is stated with "vol. 42". Why did they do this ? For my personal database, I use the year the first issue was published and the entry "Vol." (see attached pictures). Each time the numbering changes, I count the Vol. one up. This means, Detective #934 is Vol. 3 or Superman #650 is Vol. 3 and Wonder Woman #600 is Vol. 4.
  9. Yes, that correlates with what I see on the outside of the set. Do you know if this set was announced in 1994 before it was published ?
  10. Do you have the information which issues were included in the "Best of 1994" Collector's Set ? If not, I can try to find my copy of it.
  11. Thanks for the links ! I used the weekend to read through the material and to apply the solutions they suggested. Stuff like laser or microwave I ignored, I don't have these things at home. Diluted bleach may be an option, but I don't have any and wanted to try the other stuff first. Washing soda was what I concentrated one, and I used something similar: Ox-gall soap. Since I started with the denatured alcohol, the second step was the ox-gall soap. That was successful on the hardcover, but not on the jackets. I found a specific stain removal liquid in the bath room, which I was told to apply for cream stains, egg stains and so on. Most of the stains on the jacket went away with this, some were significantly smaller. Two stains were unimpressed by my doing. On I rubbed so hard that I now have a dent instead of a stain on the jacket, the other one I decided to ignore since my mood was fading more and more. So thank you for posting the links, I appreciate your help very much ! Bye, Archi
  12. Thanks ! Does anybody know how these spots are called ? Searching with "spots" on the web doesn't give me any good results ...
  13. Thank you very much for your answer and the link. Unfortunately, the suggested way of removal with denatured alcohol didn't work. I tried it, but the spots are still there. Any other ideas ?
  14. Hello everybody, yesterday I got my copies of Flash Archives and Spectre Archives from ebay UK. I was happy to check the books until I found all those spots on the inner side of the jacket and on the outer side of the hardcover. Seems to me that the books got the wrong storage. Does anybody know how I can remove those spots ?