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  1. I picked up this ASM #14 Erik Larsen cover recreation this last week. To me, its a really nice piece to have, even if it is a cover recreation, but since I will probably never get a chance to own the original Ditko, this is fine. My question is what exactly is a STAT? And my second question is what do you think about this piece?
  2. That DD is really nice, probably would have kept that one, but I understand. I got a Spider-Man added to my collection. He drew it upside down over my Neal Adams, but hey, its Frank. Better than the profile Batman in my opinion. Congrats
  3. RB3

    CGC Certified Art

    I've been looking on here and cant find if anyone has brought this up but I have a couple of questions about CGC'd art. How do I submit art to be CGC'd? Does it have to be witnessed? What sizes are available? I've seen up to 9x12, but is 11x17 available? I asked my LCS who submits books to CGC but they said they have no idea as to how to submit art. Please let me know if anyone has done this so I can let my LCS know the steps.
  4. $250 Priority Mail Shipped. Signed Mark Brooks/Peter David
  5. RB3

    Scott Williams seeking your opinion

    I really think thats an amazing piece and would love to own something like that. Now thinking about it over night, I agree, digital is just another tool in the artist tool box and if it helps to create pieces like this then all the more to you. But I would also be concerned about over use and these images popping up again. I think in the end however, the prices will dictate what will be acceptable at what level.
  6. RB3

    Scott Williams seeking your opinion

    I would probably feel like I got cheated if I noticed light grey "printed" lines instead of blue. I think the industry is use to seeing the blue as what it is, now changing up to grey or light grey I would think hey, this guy did this all digital then threw some pencils on to fool me then inked it. First above all would be full discloser that hey this is what I'm doing. I look at all my pieces with a jewelers head loop so I can see pencils and the indents of on the paper, just very careful. And I dont know what your rates are and I would love a piece from you, but If I was paying $800-$1,000 for a commission, I would like to see the pencils and then inks, no digital. Especially with Jim Lee rates, I would not be happy with seeing anything digital. I sent you a PM to get your rates and to see about a commission piece.
  7. RB3

    Scott Williams seeking your opinion

    Scott, I'm guessing that would be ok, it would all depend on the end piece I guess as always. Theres just something about blue lines that erks me. But, if you can see the blue, but then see the final pencils, then, inks that would probably be ok. I like seeing the pencil though. After thinking about it, i would agree that if everything is from a "single" artist that would probably be alot better, and I would probably only purchase that piece from the artist or his/her rep. I do see the time savings, plus the savings of supplies for the artist in the end. Small tweaks without having to erase all the time could add up, especially when you print it out and once its physical and the piece is seen in hand rather than on a screen, the artist can then go back an tweak or fix with pencil. Ill make you a deal. Just do like three examples, pencil them and ink them, send them to me and Ill let you know!! HaHa!!
  8. RB3

    Scott Williams seeking your opinion

    I agree with Mark. BTW I'm 45 years old, dont know if that tells you where Im at on the scale of collecting. I probably would not purchase a blue line inked by someone else. If at all, I would want the original pencil art from the artist then the inked as a pair.
  9. RB3

    Scott Williams seeking your opinion

    I would probably stay away from it and not purchase anything with blue line digital. I dont see anything wrong with digital prelims so the artist can get an idea and bearing on what he wants to create, I think that would be a great idea actually so you can add/delete layers as you build the prelim up. But in the end I want just pencils and ink. This is especially true for a commission piece for me
  10. Tim Sale Spider-Man #38 cover.
  11. New David Finch Wonder Woman.
  12. Since my serious collecting started back in about 85ish, the artist that are on my bucket list are: Stan Sakai - Just bought 2 covers of his so that box is checked. Michael Turner - Still looking Todd McFarlane - Still looking Jim Lee - Still looking Gregg Capullo - Still looking Kevin Eastman - Still looking Just to add to the list, I'm probably going to be budgeting about $10-15K for each artist. Except for Sakai, I havent seen anything that high yet. And this will probably be about a 5 year plan, one every 1/1.5 years.
  13. I've searched this forum and cant find a definition for what the different levels are. What does an A+ Level page mean, as compared to an A level, B level, C level? And from what I've read, these levels are different that a cover level.
  14. RB3

    Prelim Cover prices/feelings

    I bought this Batman Andy Kubert Son of Demon prelim cover. It was pricey now knowing what I know!!
  15. RB3

    Prelim Cover prices/feelings

    So with all that said, I'm thinking these would have a value of about $500 each?? Any thought?