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  1. RB3

    My New Mega OA Haul!!!

    Hey Scott, Again, thanks for all the assistance with acquiring this piece and researching the difference between this piece and the piece Richard did. Definitely there can be confusion out there, especially with Jims work being copied so much and two such similar pieces floating around out there. People new to collecting this field can be taken advantage of, and I've only been collecting OA for a year now. As you said, there is nothing wrong with blueline, I think sometimes it's actually nice to have the original pencils and the inked version so you can get both artist representation of a piece. Thanks for sharing your concerns and helping clear up peoples questions about Lee/Williams art. Ray
  2. RB3

    My New Mega OA Haul!!!

    You might have seen the second image, I have not found it available or even shown on CAF. It is for the regular Icon cover book with the three looking up. This cover was used on books sold in book stores, the one I have is for a Previews Exclusive that was only available to comic shops through the Previews book. But if anyone has this image, I would be interested in adding it to my collection. I think they would look great together as a set.
  3. RB3

    My New Mega OA Haul!!!

    Not sure about that. The person I bought this from bought it from Albert Moy. I emailed Albert and he said that there were two original pencils done, one with them looking up and this one. The one with them looking up according to Scott Williams was inked and then sent to Alex Sinclair for color. This second one was only inked by Scott. If you take a magnifying glass to mine, you can see erasures of the pencil. For example in Supermans belt theres a circle within the circle belt buckle, you can clearly see that under magnifying it on mine. I talked with Scott about this before shelling out the cash and he confirmed with me that this was the original pencils with his inks. Also, there is a note on the back of the piece, which Scott has identified as his hand writing. I talked with Scott about the price I paid and everything and I'm sure that Scott would have informed me or Albert would have informed me that there was a penciled version floating around out there. But things happen. Oh and yes, under the Icons book, the regular one is a pencil version of them looking up, with the colored version as the dust jacket. On the Previews Exclusive version, its the same image as on the dust jacket. Maybe someone can get Jim to chime in, or Scott as to if another piece is out there.
  4. RB3

    My New Mega OA Haul!!!

    I bought the original Lee pencil with Scotts inks on top. Yea not a copy or blue line. I confirmed it with Scott as to what the original is.
  5. I was lucky enough to make an ultra mega original art haul yesterday, well for me its a mega!! It took me a little detective work to find out what was what on this piece, but thankfully it worked out in the end. So what is it??? My new Jim Lee Preview Exclusive Icons book cover!!! So what made it such a chore to research. Well, first theres the pencil version that Jim did. This is the one that Scott Williams inked over. Then there is a Jim Lee/Richard Friend Print. If you look, Friend dated it 2013. I was concerned when I was offered the Williams one, I wasnt sure which was which nor what was going on. So I contacted Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Richard Friend and Albert Moy to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately Jim did not respond, which is ok, I'm sure Jim gets tons of emails and messages a day and its impossible to get to everyone and to miss things. But however, Scott, Richard and Albert did get back with me. Scott inked the original pencils. A few years later, someone contacted Richard on CAF to have a copy inked. Richard cant remember if it was a blue line copy or just a computer grey pencil copy that he inked over. Then Richard made prints to sell of his piece. So, there is a commissioned "copy", I guess you could say "Recreation" cover out there. Anyway, I am very happy to be able to add this piece to my collection as I transition from comics to more high end OA, well atleast for me this was high end. I had to sell an Amazing Fantasy 15 and trade a McFarlane Spider-Man page along with some cash for it!! The one I bought is the original Lee pencil with Scotts inks, NOT the copy with Richards inks.
  6. I would think this is boarder line fraud. They claim its a "Fill In Issue" whatever that means. I guess when it comes down to legal they could say he we disclosed that "WE" Filled in the issue with BS stuff!!! I consider myself still a newbie in this area of comic collecting but from what I have read on here, I would not buy anything from them. Plus, again as a newbie, I find it very frustrating that i have to contact them to get a price. But then to hear that once you get a price, that the next time you inquire about it or want to make payment, the price has suddenly increased. Well, I wont be doing any business with them, Sorry!!
  7. Question about prints. If I own a piece of OA and I'm not an artist of the piece, just own the OA, can I make prints to sell them?
  8. Death of Gwen Stacey by Al Rio. Its a large piece, 11.5" x 16.5" asking $1,000 but would consider offers. Everette Hartsoe Spiderman commission 11"x17" Great one of a kind asking $500 also would consider offers
  9. I'm a gold member at Torpedo Comics and get to have lunch with artist/writers when they visit. I've heard some very fascinating stories and some very interesting views too. So far there is only one artist who really upset me about his views, making statements about how big his 6,000 sq foot house is and all about his political views. I could care less about how big his house is nor his political views, what upset me was that he was trying to tell me how I should live and what I should do, yet he then goes on to say that it didnt apply to him. So, he wants to live his life his way, yet impose his thoughts and beliefs on others, so I sold all his art and would not collect anything from him in the future. But as mentioned above, I really am not collecting a persons political ideology, I am collecting his/her artistic abilities. Unless the creator does something that is so outrageous, I dont think their beliefs will affect the prices or desirability of their work.
  10. Wouldnt the holes in the pictures on etsy not be black? Its like mentioned above maybe a scan or something out of the IDW. So, if it is from the IDW would there be something on the back of the piece?
  11. I’m selling my AF15 to go for a bigger prize. Asking $13,500. I have sold on here before and have references. I run the YouTube channel RB3 so I am legit. Ray Berry
  12. RB3

    Heritage - adding Sales Tax to more states

    If I lived in one of those states where sales tax was collected for bidding, then yes, I would factor in that tax since it is cash I'm still having to pay, no matter if it goes to Heritage or the State. It would be interesting to know if they are charging sales tax on the final bid price since I am buying something, or charging tax on the finial sale price which includes the buyers premium which is a service? Some states dont charge taxes on service prices, just on the sale of merchandise.
  13. RB3

    Scanning art app

    Thanks for the tip!! I just downloaded and it works fantastic.
  14. HAHA, actually i like the TR and i like the comparison of a 2006 figure vs a 2018 figure on the same piece.
  15. I think I will be keeping this. Getting to watch David draw WW in front of me was just amazing. More of a personal piece for me.