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  1. 1st in thread or PM will trump any PM conversations. Paypal accepted. No returns on CGC graded books. No HOSers or Probies. Shipping Included in price. Shipped priority mail, insured, sig required. LETS TRY THIS AGAIN. Detective Comics #359 1st Batgirl CGC 4.5 - $475 Detective Comics #363 2nd Batgirl CGC 9.2 SOLD
  2. I just bought this book in a CLink auction, but I found another book I would like to pick up, so I'm liquidating some of the new stuff. Slave Girl Comics #1 CGC 5.5 - $650 Paypal Book will be shipped priority mail, insured, sig required.
  3. @keys_collector Yes that is his business. Seems to be a very angry rude guy when dealing with customers.
  4. I sold a CGC comic book to ebay user transportconnection the other day. He gets the book and emails me telling me that he didnt notice a mark on the book and would like to return it. Then some how, he gets my phone number, either by ebay or PP and proceeds to call me, telling me that his bird died and that hes been an emotioal wreck since then and didnt take the time to really look at the book, but now that he recieved it, he's decided it doesn't fit his collection and would like to return it. He files a "Not as Described" on me, so I tell him sure, I will accept the return, what recourse do I really have with ebay, but I wont return shipping cost since he changed his mind. He sends me the book back, thankfully it was the correct book, no swapping, and I give him a refund. He then files a new Ebay case saying I didnt give him the full refund since I subtracted the shipping. Ebay automatically rules in his favor without any input from me and gives him the shipping cost from my PP account. Then he also leaves negative feedback. I emailed him and told him that really wasn't cool and one day karma will return to him. He emails me telling me that he will kill me then calls my phone number telling me my address and that he know where I live at and one day he will be by to kill me. I called ebay to let them know what was happening and they are suppose to get back with me in 72 hours. A quick search on the internet and this guy has some history. He was convited in 2006 for extortion, he was buying comic books on ebay, again he was angry with a seller and threated to prevent the person from selling on ebay and kept calling the seller harassing him. Here's the court records: https://www.leagle.com/decision/20061675936so2d73911132 Be careful with this guy. I'm going to metro today to file a police report on him.
  5. Wanted to do some research into what artist the Millennial generation are following or a list of Millennial artist that are popular. I don't read any modern books other than Donny Cates Thor series, and the last book I read before that was Jim Lee's Hush series.
  6. I'm looking to buy a copy of Lady Mechanicka #0 CGC graded 9.8 1st print.
  7. If there’s any artist that are looking to do commissions or sell some of their published pages or something, please post here. I for one am willing to help out an artist by getting a commission or purchasing a piece if they have something I really like. I’m sure there are others here that are also willing to make some purchases. or if you know an artist that’s not on this site, please post their name and how to contact them, maybe show a sample of their work. Let see if we can help each other in this crisis.
  8. With this current market, anyone have any updates as to any changes going on with prices?
  9. Does anyone have any good sites or contacts for purchasing original manga art?
  10. New Rick Leonardi WWI Wonder Woman commission!! Love it.
  11. I too have bought from Mike. Very stand up guy. He even let me use him as a reference for another purchase I wanted to make using time payments. You'll get your art, no problems.
  12. Looking more for pencils and inks.
  13. Would like some feedback on purchasing some good reference books on Frazetta and Wrightson. I've looked at Amazon and I see alot of conflicting comments about some of the books, so I figured I would ask for advice here, from some professional OA collectors. Anyway, please let me know what you are using, if your using.
  14. I'm currently in the market for some David Finch Wonder Woman original art. Commissions or published pieces is ok.