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  1. Prelim Cover prices/feelings

    I bought this Batman Andy Kubert Son of Demon prelim cover. It was pricey now knowing what I know!!
  2. Prelim Cover prices/feelings

    So with all that said, I'm thinking these would have a value of about $500 each?? Any thought?
  3. I've been collecting OA for about 4 months now and just came across two Frank Cho cover prelims. I wanted to know what everyone thinks about the value on them, and how is value determined on prelim pieces? Are prelims a collected market. From what I can see, I would think yes, when someone cant afford a $10K original published piece, but then you have a similar piece where that shows the artist thought process and where hes going, I would think they would hold some value. Heres the two prelims I got. By the way, they are huge, 14x20 so bigger than standard.
  4. Advice Needed

    Here's an update and outcome for the piece. So, Dave sent me the piece and I received it. I know that Dave had offered the piece to me for $2,000 after all the misunderstanding, but I paid him the $2,500 I originally offered. That's what I felt was a good offer and we both had accepted that price and I did not want to take advantage of Dave nor get him into an awkward position with his consigner, so I paid up. But, now I have the piece, very happy with it.
  5. Advice Needed

    Yes, he asked me to match it. So, the "other" guy was someone that was offering him a deal that involved a trade in other art and cash. I guess the person that he was representing was wanting me to meet the $2,800 deal. Dave i guess talked to the owner of the piece and I guess the trade/cash deal was getting more and more complicated so they decided to offer it to me for the $2,000 cash since everything got outta wack. Dave is sending the piece out on Monday to me. Im really not concerned now about it being authentic, seems like with everyone on here, he is legit and a stand up guy, so I think he is just trying to make this right.
  6. Advice Needed

    We will see, I told him that I would pay the $2,000, but now with all that has transpired I want the piece mailed first, then I would send payment.
  7. Advice Needed

    I emailed Dave and told him that after all this, plus with the whole "other buyer" coming into the picture, I would need the piece mailed to me so I can authenticate the piece and then I would make payment after I have made sure everything is good. I mean what happens if I agreed to the $2,000, sent the money, then all of a sudden another "buyer" has now made another offer and I can either lose my money or match the "other" guys offer.
  8. Advice Needed

    Last week I contacted Dave Karlen about purchasing an OA Stan Sakai Usagi Yojimbo #56 cover. Says taking offers. I asked him what would be the price and he said about $2,500. I guess he's consigning it for someone, so he had to get it mailed to him because I had some questions about the piece. So yesterday Dave emails me and says that he has the piece, describes the condition, tells me his payment conditions, BUT theres "another guy" who's made an offer for $300 more than I did, so someone has offered him $2,800 for the piece. Something didn't sound right to me, so I told him sorry, I would have to stick to my $2,500 offer, Stan has a watercolored published cover on his site for $3,000 after all. But told him good luck, I'm glad that he had a buyer and thanks for the opportunity. So, right after that, I get an email from him stating that well a deal is a deal, and I will do the $2,500 with you. I didn't answer. Then he emails me saying he has to sell the cover, that he will take $2,300 for it. He wants to make it right. Still didn't answer. Today, I get a text from him, he'll take $2,000, would that work. I don't know, but I just don't feel comfortable with this whole offer now. What do you think?
  9. New to OA Collecting, Advice, tips?

    I'm a newbie to the OA collecting and I can tell you that there is a lot of knowledge on here. What I would say is that I read this and some of the other post on here and it has helped. But, I would say, dont put a lot of stress into your first purchase. I got to meet Mark Brooks, very nice guy, so I purchased some of his art though an online dealer. I regret one purchase, but I'm happy with the other. I then meet a couple other artist, very nice, but out of my price range for nice pieces. I just met Andy Kubert, great guy so I stretched and purchased 3 pieces that Im very happy with. So I would say as a beginner, dont stress the purchase and also dont over analysis it. Buy something and see how it is. One of the Mark Brooks I will probably end up trading up for something, but as for the rest, especially purchasing directly from Andy, is a great memory to have. Just my thoughts.
  10. Got to meet Andy Kubert this weekend and picked up these 3 items!!
  11. Back to buying some "Big Boy Books"
  12. Received my first pieces of OA today. Wow!! Now I know the feeling of receiving that special piece, fantastic!! Feels like I'm hooked!! So, yes, I made some rookie mistakes, been learning a little from here, special thanks to Matches Malone and O. I really like O's knowledge and his market reviews he shares on comicbookinvest.com. I am learning a lot. So, this is what I got. Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 pg. 3 inked by Mark Brooks, Deadpool pencils by Mark Brooks, if anyone can point me to if this was published or not and what issue, please share, and an unknown sketch. I bought them from Anthony Snyder and he included this little sketch in with my order for free, so if anyone might know who its by and what it was for, please share too.
  13. This is the piece I'm considering purchasing. Any thoughts as to the value or any information about it would be helpful. Suicide Squad: Rebirth Issue 1 Cover $1,700.00 Pencils by: Philip Tan Inks by: Jonathan Glapion Original art inked over blue line, 11"x 17", Published DC Entertainment 2016.
  14. So the original drawn pencil is the original and then I guess you could say that the second one is the original ink art? What are the values wise original vs inked over blue lines?