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  1. They have probably been around on eBay for some time however I am just noticing them. I noticed a pile of key comics that are listed by various China sellers with 0 feedback at a ridiculously low Buy-It-Now prices. Looking through eBay's Sold listings, i can find the exact same comic photo already recently sold so it's obvious the China seller is stealing the photo. Here are examples below. Can they be banned by reporting them to eBay or does eBay turn a blind eye to this?
  2. Thanks for all the added info. None of these boxes will ever see the light of day again unless it's in the form of an anonymous donation.
  3. In Canada, Petro-Canada gas stations had cases upon cases of Amazing Spider-Man 360 and 363 as giveaways back in ...when was that...late 1980's? I grabbed handfuls of them as did other collectors, I'm sure.
  4. So I'm thinking of unloading all these printed photocopies by selling them...taking up way too much room in our house. They are pretty neat....well copied, easy to read, complete runs. Before I even go down that road, any idea if I am even allowed to do this? Is there a copyright issue if I do?
  5. Thanks for the info. Yeah I couldn't imagine how much time (and ink and paper) was put into making these. I'll see if I can get some background info on that.
  6. So recently I was fortunate enough to come across several long comic book boxes. In these boxes are high quality colour photocopies of comic book series. Each photocopied comic is full colour, copied on both sides of what appears to be standard 8-1/2 x 11" paper and cut to size of a regular comic book with a paper cutter of some sort with three staples along the spine to secure the book. The only pages that appears to be missing are non-comic-book-related ads. They are quite nice but obviously done by an amateur with a really good printer. Looking in some of these boxes, I found the following comic book photocopies... Complete BATMAN collection from #1 to #713. Complete BATMAN (2011) #1 to #52 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 to #500 ACTION COMICS #340 TO #600 DETECTIVE COMICS #225 to #650 Complete PETER PARKER SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #1 to #263 Complete MARVEL TEAM-UP #1 to #150 Complete BRAVE AND BOLD #1 to #200 Complete FLASH #105 to #350 Complete JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 to #261 See attached pictures of a few. There are so many others I haven't gone through are my questions. Am I even allowed to possess these? Is there some sort of copyright infringement here? What if I wanted to sell them? Is this legal? What if I wanted to give them away, say, to a Children's hospital or something? Is this legal? Any thoughts?
  7. I'll usually accept any REASONABLE offers on my BIN auctions. All my auctions are free shipping anywhere in Canada and the USA. Lately though I've been getting silly offers like $20....I can't even ship for $20. Why a buyer would waste his time with that offer is beyond me.
  8. I think he meant it's the 1st printing of the 2nd printing
  9. Not sure if you're taking Highway 11 from Nipigon Ontario to North Bay Ontario through Hearst, Cochrane, etc. (very, very boring ride and much, much longer than 17) or if you're taking Highway 17 (Trans-Canada Hwy) from Nipigon to North Bay through Terrace Bay, Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, etc. (much more scenic ride and it's shorter). If you do come through Sudbury, Comics North isn't very large but they have a half-decent assortment of back-issue comics and a lot of other related stuff. Cal and Paula are great to deal with. Since you'll be driving through Sudbury, you may as well stop in (closed Sundays). When you turn left out of their driveway onto the main road, keeping heading straight for two days until you reach the Atlantic! And look me up when you get here....I'll buy you lunch, or dinner, or whatever.
  10. Not a rare book by any means but I can't find one anywhere....not sure why? Must be willing to ship to Canada
  11. All my eBay "BIN or Best Offer" auctions offer free shipping. While no one has ever suggested that i should bump up my BIN price, I get a lot of buyers sending me a "best offer" which is ridiculously lower than what i can even ship it for...even though my auctions clearly state "reasonable offers only please". So I reciprocate by sending them a counter-offer at a penny lower than my BIN.
  12. Oh, they also had an original black and white Picasso on display at the auction, with an opening bid of (I think it was?) $9,000. No one bought it. His painting looked like a 5-year-old drew it, not a fan of his.
  13. It was a print, that's what made me NOT buy it. But I know next to nothing about paintings. If I did buy it, they would have placed a new matte and a new frame around the painting, then mail it to me (FedEx) to Canada, no extra charge, other than Duty when it arrives. For further enticement, they also offered a no-interest 12-month payment plan. Anyway, I still like the painting so I have it as my laptop wallpaper, and I paid nothing for it. Good deal!