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  1. Because it seems unfair to CGC to throw stones at them without acknowledging that there are issues with the rest of the industry as well. Must have been a while since you've seen a Wolverine 50. Damage is obvious.
  2. I might pay $3 for the fun of opening it and $2 for the actual books. $5 seems about right Big box stores have a lot of clever gimmicky 'hit' stuff. This comes to mind
  3. Anyone willing to part with their (CGC) 9.8 $300 is my offer (via USPS money order) thanks!
  4. Congratulations to all. Good luck with the new man cave Dan
  5. saw this perusing an auction. must have been a tough day. not just the chunk missing from the cover, but a big tick 1/3 up the spine
  6. I only have a lousy camera phone to work with but yes there's about a 1" long cut and it's deep, through almost half the pages. If you look close at the last pic you can see the centerfolds arent sitting where theyre supposed to. When I get home I'm going to take another look and see if I can tuck the centerfolds back in there, and take a clearer pic with the bc open. TBH I love the book either way, and that's all that matters. Even if it's a 1.8 I doubt I'll find a copy that presents better without shelling good $$
  7. I think a blade was involved (maybe its possible a hard pinch and bend could break those pages like that?) but I don't believe its been trimmed. I have an early Jumbo issue to compare measurements and they line right up. That, I would be very happy with. Thanks!
  8. Apologies, I didn't want to bore anyone with details. I'm fairly new at this and haven't seen too much =\ after inspecting it a bit more it just seems someone just caught the corner pretty hard with a razor/x-acto, and the cover tore some more (around the spine) after the matter. I thought initially it could be a brittle split and was hesitant to get in there, but it's nice and supple and tight. For a while I was specifically looking for FH issues with the Senorita Rio back cover promo. I think it is fantastic and I wanted to be able to show it without pulling it out of the bag. I was ho
  9. It would have been nice to display that Senorita Rio promo in a slab but I don't have a clue how much that corner would affect the grade.
  10. It's still a sweet book. Is the corner piece valuable in this situation, would it lean the grade if you had it?
  11. Well for the New Year I was going to focus on golden GGA. Dammit Gene Copy B with the flat bottom right corner pls Copy A looks a bit better centered, I'll take that one please. Nice deals. Thank you!
  12. Anybody willing to part with their NM+ raw or slabbed :edit: A deal has been made. Thanks
  13. what are the ads like in these books. would be cool to get a full page spread for Lard Lad Donuts