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  1. I would like delivery men to handle boxes a little.more carefully. Being a vendor who caters to big box stores, I see it everyday. The guy will be standing in the back of the truck and drop packages to the ground. That's a good 10-12 ft drop.
  2. I'd rather have that cover than this sandwich I paid $10 for.
  3. Thanks. Lesson learned I'm new to the game and didn't realize CBCS had that much of a sour rep (though it's universally known that CGC is the gold standard). I understand how the CBCS red label can be a major turn-off to their entire practice. This slab was an inexpensive auction pickup, CBCS yellow label Superman with 4 sigs. I was hoping to add Jerry Ordway somewhere down the line but I guess ill just let it be.
  4. Decorating your room is what twenty dollar books ar for.
  5. I kicked off the run for Thrilling but I think I locked myself into Spy Smasher and I don't want to make tonight that expensive ha
  6. Hate to hijack a thread, but if I crack a CBCS SS to add another sig (CGC witnessed), would CGC then recognize the CBCS witnessed sigs?
  7. I had won a Jerry auction that consisted of mags, comics and TPB's. I thought, how in the world is this going to get shipped without being a mess? But Jerry managed to bundle and pack it up like a pro! Received super fast and good communication. Everything was in better condition than I initially thought via pics. Jerry even packed some sweet extras in the box. I'll be on the lookout for more kryptosales for sure
  8. nines

    nines kudos

    I've been here for about a month. This is a tight community. I'm a few transactions late on making a thread but alright, lemme have it! Thanks for the help to build a sweet little box. The GF thought I was nuts, until she saw a Joe Doolin 
  9. New to the game. Timeline is quicker than I thought. Are these books that you read or straight to bag?
  10. What can I say that hasn't already been said. Book got here in 3 days. Flawless slab. Great price. Steve is THE MAN
  11. What did the board look like? I just pulled out some 20+ year sitting books and the back covers transferred a little bit to the boards.