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  1. Those are printers creases on the front and back covers. The paper they printed that book on is the worst I have ever seen. The mask is missing a strip of white cardboard on the perforated side. The white card board had a bead of glue on it that adhered it to the newsprint for a week or two before it came loose. Doubt it gets a NM either, but it is a nice copy.
  2. I've always loved that Magazine, it was an out of reach key to a young collector back in the 1970's. Back in the day (mid 1970s) it was one of the more expensive books around and then it just kept becoming less and less important. It seems over the last few years it has started climbing again. I've mentioned this before but back in the late 70s/early 80s my older brother took some original comic art to trade to the local flea market guy. He ended up getting to choose between a high grade Savage Tales #1 or a lower grade Amazing Fantasy 15. Yep, he took home that Savage Tales #1.
  3. I wouldn't spend too much time detailing each issue. MyComic Shop has buy pricing online for you to see and after the first dozen issues prices drop off dramatically. By the early 1960s issues they have little value in the condition that they will grade them at, Past that time period they aren't offering anything.
  4. Back in early 1970s, when I was around 8-10 years old, I would go with my mom to Wonderland Mall while she grocery shopped. Usually I would park myself at the comic rack while she grocery shopped and then we would walk through the mall when she had finished. As we were walking through the mall I noticed a new setup made of about 10 glass showcases in the middle of the mall walkway, full of old comic books! This was my first experience in buying old comics. I would visit the shop on a weekly basis for a year or so, sometimes buying stuff and other times just looking. Most of the time I would be buying .15 - .30 cent books, but I had my eye on a Silver Surfer #1 that he had for $4 or $5. My mom took note of it and said we would come back by for it on my Birthday. About a month later we head back over to get my Silver Surfer #1 and the glass showcases were gone, yeah, I was devastated. Life goes on, I collect through High School, College, Marriage, children, etc, never owned a Silver Surfer #1. Flash forward 25 years, in the mid/late 1990s I'm looking through some want ads in the newspaper and a guy is selling his collection. I call and make arrangements to go look at it a few days later. He gives me a call a day later and says he has a guy that was really pushy that wanted the full collection, but since he spoke with me first wanted to give me first look if I could come out now. Very nice of him I thought and headed over to look at it. I got there and started looking through the books, mostly late 1960s to early 1970s books (much of it bulk #1s from the time period), a box full of the old Marvel marx windup toys, boxes of the old Doc Savage type paperback books and about a dozen pages of original art. I started discussing the collection with him and he mentions that they were his dads stuff, he used to have a setup in the old Wonderland Mall back in the early 1970s. It was the most nostalgic feeling I had ever experienced. Long story short, I split the collection with the "pushy" collector. High lights of my portion of the collection included dozens of Swamp Things #1, close to 100 Shazam #1, multiple Savage Tales & Savage Sword of Conan #1, and most of the other #1s from that time period. Ended up with about 3 long boxes from the 1967-1974 time period. And yes, my Silver Surfer #1 was still there.
  5. I would be pretty ticked off if I got that response after taking the time actually call about the issue before bidding. Although in all fairness, you should probably post your "polite message" you sent them just to see if it could be taken the wrong way.
  6. Anybody else getting this bs message with their latest ebay listing: To help you sell your item, fixed price listings can only be listed with a Good 'Til Cancelled duration. The listing duration has been set to Good 'Til Cancelled There are no other options!! I can no longer choose 30 day listing. Is there a way around this???
  7. Also picked up a copy of "Vamps and Vixens" in the same deal. It's a little smaller in size than "Just Teasing," but has a better assortment of art imo.
  8. Anybody know if the Just Teasing Hardcovers published by Ursus back in 91 were all signed and numbered or was there an unsigned version? I won an auction but no mention of signed/Numbered.
  9. I met Dave in Austin during his World Tour back in the mid 90s. While I was waiting in a short line for him to show up, my wife, who had our youngest son strapped to her, needed something from the car. I asked her to bring up a handful of books to get autographed. She got down there & decided to bring the whole short box up. She was struggling with the baby and box and a guy on the elevator offered to carry the box, he was going to the show also. He opened it up and started to flip through the books and my wife told him "not to do that." Anyway, when she gets to the line she doesn't have the books and I give her a "what the heck look?" She points to the guy heading to the front of the line with my short box. I said "You gave Dave Sim my box?" She looked at me like ho is Dave Sim, but did tell me she told him not to mess with my books. Anyway, Dave announced that my books were up there whenever I reached the front of the line. Wife said he was a really nice guy. The boy in the picture is my oldest and is in his 30s now. How time flies.
  10. I don't really think they have much value. I picked up a copy of the 100 Bullets #1 because I'm a big fan and it was an oddity I hadn't seen before. Think I paid around $20 or so. Someone has a copy of the Harley Quinn #1 up for around $2000 right now but I wouldn't hold my breath expecting it to sell (one sold a few months back for $19.99). The previously mentioned Batman Crimson Mist is on ebay for $9.99, a little more reasonable there. These would be super easy to scan & print out as many copies as you want once you get hold of an original, if they were selling for any kind of good money that would be abused.