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  1. A press would give you a nicer presenting, flatter book, but it wouldn't change the grade imo. The 3 large creases on cover will not press out, and it won't help the tears on the front or back cover. Looks like a nice average copy in the G/VG range.
  2. As much as I like Creepy, Eerie and the Marvel Horror Line, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu was what got me started on the Magazine size books. Sons of the Tiger is one of my all time favorite series and it introduced me to George Perez very early on.
  3. I've always thought it was because we have a bunch more Canadian collectors on these boards (and others) pumping the Canadian price variants, than we do guys from the UK.
  4. It can be removed, but if this is for your personal collection then I would leave it alone. If you have never seen the process used to remove color touch, it can be somewhat shocking. Basically they scrap away the portion of the cover that had the color on it. Sometimes they go as far as cutting chunks of the cover out. It's an ugly process that basically mutilates the book so that you can avoid the "restored" label.
  5. That's a pretty odd business decision. In a boom market unlike anything I have seen in my 40 years of collecting, they are choosing to sit it out because prices keep rising. I have no doubt that a year or two from now, whoever made that decision is going to wonder "what the heck was I thinking!!??"
  6. I received a nicely packaged 300 book box from the UK a few years ago. I can't say enough about the care and attention to detail that the seller put into getting it to me. I recommend this method to anyone that wants to make sure the package arrives safe and sound.
  7. Picked this up back in the early 90s during his World Tour. Beautiful work by Dave with a HUGE assist by Gerhard.
  8. I think you are giving Claremont to much credit. The book was bi-monthly until Byrne took over the art. It actually went monthly the same month that Byrne started doing the cover art on #113. This coincides with the shift from Cockrums focus on his favorite character Night Crawler to Byrne and his favorite Wolverine. X-Men 94 is a glorified Avengers 16.
  9. Are we talking about Avengers #1 The Heroic Age? Black Panther's son is on the first two pages of the book. Page one they are fighting Immortus and are shown as shadows. Page 2 is a full page splash showing the Future Avengers, with him talking. I'm not seeing anything on the last page? They are not given names, but the whole issue is basically talking about the Avengers future children and Kang outlines what is going on.
  10. I don't think that would be normal, unless maybe the store was getting there copies from multiple sources. The negative UPC was printed first and the press was stopped to correct the error. When Greg Buls/Bulldog/Kingpin was running his distribution center back in the late 80s-early 90s he noted that all of his copies came from the early/negative UPC run. Most people either got the Negative UPC or the regular one, thus creating the false illusion for a period of time that the Negative UPC was scarce. Over time, as these books were moved in bulk around the country, I'm sure dealer stock has ble
  11. Joe Kubert and Frank Thorne. As a kid, I used to cringe when I would see a Kubert cover on the Justice League or Flash. Thorne always reminded me of an erotic Pat Boyette, really disliked his work. I came around on Kubert in the 1980s and over the last 10 years or so have developed an appetite for Thorne also.
  12. Two of them. If you watched tonight's episode it should be obvious.
  13. I have a stack of these that I opened a few years ago so that the bag wouldn't leave a crease on the book. When I read Blob's post that they were hot I was pissed, then I looked and the card by itself is fetching more than the sealed comic w/card in many instances. Got to love it!!
  14. Got the replacement magazines in today. The new copies shipped out are 100% better than 9/10s of the original mags sent. I'd be very happy if they could send out this quality of mags every time. Thumbs up to Warrant for taking care of my concerns quickly and positively.
  15. That's funny. I'm not sure what that UK crew was thinking by using the painted version of the background and shadows, then having someone else (not Romita) do a line drawing of the Spider-Man figure. Why not use the whole painted version, or the whole Romita pencil/ink version instead of that patchwork job they used?