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  1. I don't ship international but I do buy international. Any time I find a good bulk lot of the old UK Marvel reprints from the UK I will try to win it. I'm always surprised how cheap the ebay global shipping program is as opposed to other options. I just had a 250 book lot of Mighty World of Marvels, shipped from the UK to Texas for $23. I had always heard how expensive it is, but on multiple occasions it has been much cheaper than other options. It's to the point now that when I'm buying bulk lots I ask if they can send it through the global shipping program.
  2. That 1st release is doing great on ebay. The first few listed went in the $300 range and the last one sold for $500. Thanks again for bringing it to the boards attention.
  3. Just updating, the 2nd giclee (“A Filthy Process") in the series is up on nakatomi sight ready to order. Last one sold out really quick so if you are interested may want to grab it in the next few days.
  4. Here is the 2nd lot. Like the 1st lot, these books (for the most part) are from a collection I bought awhile back. Interiors have not been checked on any. I'll pm Ryan to choose one of the lots and get these books out. Thanks for playing people!
  5. Thanks for pointing this out to me. It appears my wording and my example are conflicting. In the example I gave on how I was scoring it, Ryan was the winner. My thought when setting up the scoring system was that someone predicting a 31-24 score was closer than someone predicting a 45-7 score. Even though the total points of 45-7 was closer to the total points than 31-24. After looking at my wording, I can see the "Contestant that picks the correct winner and is closest to total points scored" would throw people off even though the example clearly (I thought) showed how I would score it. That said, it looks like we now have 2 winners! I'll put together a 2nd prize this afternoon. Ryan will get first pick and 707comics will get the other.
  6. Looks like we have a winner! 49ers collapse in the 4th quarter. Always next year... PM me your address info Ryan and congrats!
  7. It's in the Mixed Sales Forum, come on over and show your Football knowledge and win a FREE box of books, shipped to you for FREE!
  8. Been a great year for my Football Team and looking to enjoy todays game! Running a FREE Contest with a big box of comics shipped to the WINNER for FREE (US only)!!! Will stuff a Medium Priority Mail Box full of Books. Should be able to fit everything below into box. If more space is available I'll add some more. If it doesn't all fit I'll pull some of the drek. It's FREE!!! This is not a box of books that you will run to throw on ebay to make a fortune, but it's FREE! The JLA Cry for Justice, Powers and Iron Fist are all good reads. There's a stack of the black and White variants from the DC52 years and a bunch of other semi cool stuff. It doesn't matter if 1 person enters or 100, books will go out for FREE! Rules: Pick the SuperBowl Final Score Winner will be decided by Contestant that picks the correct winner and is closest to total points scored. (Ex: Final score is 21-14 49ers and Contestant 1 sent 21-17 49ers. You Score a -3, Contestant 2 Picks 24-10 49ers and is -7. Contestant 1 wins) Tie Breaker: Pick the MVP of the Game 2nd Tie Breaker: Pick total yardage of your MVP Any post that is edited is disqualified from winnings!!! If the 49ers actually win I'll probably sweeten the pot a bit. Go 9ers!! Contest doors are closed at kickoff of game
  9. Got my eyes on that CGC 9.8 Stan Lee autographed Silver Surfer #1 for $181,000.00
  10. I probably wouldn't be sending these type books to CGC. The Green Lantern 40 has a subscription crease and could just as easily be a VG grade as a Fine. With shipping and CGC fees you could be better off selling it raw. A box of mid grade silver age books is going to have some value to it, but getting them graded could easily eat into your profits. Put them in a mylar with a nice backing board and they will present well.
  11. Go read it again. I'll wait.
  12. I'm assuming you have never read X-Men 160, there's a lot of misinformation about it. Illyana is pulled out of limbo at the end of the story as a 13 year old (not adult). The book is basically set up as the "book ends" to the "Magik" series. Once she returns from limbo she basically appears on the last page of X-Men 160 with no knowledge of any new powers or her sword. The Magik series then explains what happened in limbo, how she obtained her powers and the sword. A few years back X-Men 160 and New Mutants 14 were both argued to be her 1st appearance. If you have read the full storyline it is pretty obvious it is the Magik series. This has all been discussed previously on the boards (in depth). For what it's worth, the Marvel Database and Marvel Wiki now list Magik #1 as her 1st appearance.
  13. Hank Pym Beast Black Panther Speedy Manhunter (1970s Goodwin/Simonson Version)
  14. Not a big fan of the Amazing Spider-Man 129 club. Never became attached to the Punisher as a character, which is odd as I absolutely loved Man Wolf a few months earlier. I've always wondered if Romita and Kane had remained on the book another 4 or 5 issues if that would have pulled me in. The Kane/Romita cover is iconic, but the interiors were just "meh" at that point. I know Andru has his fans, but to me, the classic Spider-Man run ended at #124. I just don't look at the Andru run the same.