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  1. Ending at 8:30 Thursday 8/6: TMNT #1 2nd Print 9.0 I am the original owner current bid: $1431 TMNY #2 1St print 9.4 I am the original owner current bid: $425
  2. well. I havent checked the number yet, but I am 90% sure thats my 7.5 that is at $10.5 right now on CLink. sold it last fall on there, caught about $5700. while I have some mild feelings of *aaaauuugh dammit* about the jump, it seems that the Universe is blessing me otherwise... my 2nd print 9.0 is currently at $1,431 (not sayin where *wink*), with 2 days left!!!!! I wont plug the link here so as to not violate rules and stuff. being that WOW rises and 2nd prints are of particur topic, I thought this message to be valid... yes, moderators? ta bien?
  3. X-men #129, at 9.4, is at $211 right now...!!!!!! (Kitty Prudes first appearance!!!!) X-Men #97 6.5 is at $42!!! get em guys, i need moving off grid money.. time to buy the solar short bus, deck it out, and take my Lady and I to a different life... posting more after this that are also about to end over next couple days Increible Hulk #182 7.5 is at $52 X-Men #104 9.6 is at $305 I also have a ton of raw books.. making a list.. hmu if you deal straight and fair with honor.
  4. less than 2 days left on these auctions! 38: 8.5 40: 7.5 current bids are $30 + $45 thank you =)
  5. LAST DAY LAST HOURS current bid is $4711... youse guys are lookin at catchin this book in the GREAT DEAL zone, especially for a TMNT #1 First Print!!! go grab the Holy Grail of Copper Age before someone else does!!!!!
  6. Current bid: $3200 GET MY BOOK YO!!!! Is footing the $$ beginning of amazing things- Art and such. Lots. Thank yoouuuu good folk =)
  7. hey guys... apologies for me bein dumb on the rules of no sellin stuff here. in any event... I must say it's quite crazy and amazing to get to see this boom over a sizable percentage of the area of comics I was fixated upon as a teenager, right when I am finally ready to sell it all. there were many who thought bein all into the Turtles and independents was dumb. they wouldn't amount to much. flash in the pan... ha. yeah. with all this focus now erupting further with the Turtles and #1 being such a grail key, I wonder if the other early independents wi
  8. hello TurtleFolk... I have a 7.5 currently listed on Ebay for $6660. Another 7.5 sold at $6995 Fixed Price two days ago, and an 8.5 sold today at a Fixed $8299. a 6.0 just went live at 6k. The only reason I did not raise my price yet is I was holding onto the idea that if I was gonna endure the bittersweet experience of selling this book at all, I was gonna spike the taste with The Most Metal Price Ever. I will be raising my price if it doe
  9. i have a 7.5 on Ebay right now
  10. Greetings...! FOR SALE TMNT #1 First Print $6500 its yours