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  1. I love the cover!
  2. I always loved the Secret Wars Story!
  3. I always enjoyed this story
  4. I always thought the story was kinda slow paced but the cover is iconic!
  5. It has to have Tatts!
  6. My favorite Spidey Villian!
  7. I am thinking of regrading this through CGC.
  8. Oh... Well I broke the 2 Book a day already! Thanks for the Welcome.
  9. There ya go! Posted that just for you!
  10. If you guys get a chance... Can you check out that ASM #40 and let me know what you think? I would appreciate it!
  11. Hey guys! Name is Daniel! I just joined CGC and am still getting my feet wet. I have collected comics since Day 1. I am a huge Spider-Man (Marvel) and Batman (DC) Fan. I have put together a full set of Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, and Spider-Man. I grew up with Volume 1... Sorry guys that's the real stuff! I have a few CGC Graded Comics coming into this... I have some I will probably reach out to get opinions to grade or press. Speaking of Press... That's all new to me so yeah not gonna pretend I have a clue on that. There are several Alyssa (My Wife/The Boss) and I are thinking of grading like Wolverine #1, Savage She-Hulk #1, Batman Adventures #12, and Harley Quinn #1 (2000 Series and Every Other). Alyssa is a huge Harley Quinn nut! However, I taught her right! Ask her which was the best... She will tell you The Animated Series and the 2000 run.