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  1. Excited to ship these out today! #28, #41, & #134
  2. It was listed on eBay. I held off and went a different direction.
  3. First Appearance of Kingpin. Is it worth grading?
  4. Here's my newest submission! What you guys got?
  5. 4 out of 6 are headed back! The wife did pretty good!
  6. That's the conclusion I'm coming up with. I'm like, "Ok... They've received them. Now I just have to wait 1,436 Days!"
  7. So how is everyone fairing with the "plague"? I finally submitted my first order this week... Mind you I signed up last June. Don't judge
  8. 9.2 with the bottom. I just sent one for a Press and Grade! Beautiful book all the same!
  9. Morning Guys and Gals! So I shipped my first order to CGC earlier this week. Man does anyone else hand over the box to ship it and just a small part of you dies on the inside? I've never been a what if guy (Unless reading the What If Series), However, I can breathe a little easier after I show it was delivered. Does that get better? HAHA