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  1. Hi, Anyone know if this poster is rare and limited? It's based on a front cover 1968 issue number #65 12c comic approved by the comic code authority. It measures 24" x 36" Thx.
  2. WTF are you talking about you don't even know me or anything about me. Imagine a username LAZYBOY ffs. Now that's embarrassing. ha you actually done it dumbo. Another plonker actually fell for it. And another please post more please. were you there and carried out an independent investigation and have solid proof? do you? Well, i got people to post stupid pics as they have nothing better to say. Thank you we have a sensible person on here at last a trophy and thank to this person. yeah send more in. Did you actually search google and copy and paste it for this you loser. FMV value according to my price guide for a 9.0 is between £2.1million-3.2million.
  3. can someone please please tell me that this is a fake video and nonsense its all made up to dupe the public? Someone paid for a fake convention and fake comics to sell at fake prices. Yeah and also include those nonsense gifs as well.
  4. Good to see loads of people wasting their time with nothing but talking nonsense. Thanks notifications given to those who are helpful. I don't care if shop owners do it. I would if I was in that position its a ruthless world accept it. It just proves to me that comics have a market value if not today then maybe in future like stocks and shares. I'm not angry although I'm an angry birds fan ok get the angry birds icons on mocking me. Thank you.
  5. Most comics don't have value, however they do have a market value which many price guides have published books on it.
  6. have u not got anything better to say?
  7. Any comic shop owners on here? I heard lots of them when they find out a comic is valuable they keep it in the back not for public sale and simply tell customers that the comic is out of stock or make up something else to fob them off. Anyone admit this? And to those going to take the mick go on I welcome it waste your time.
  8. Gosh, looks like most of you apart from 2 of yous have negative view on it rather than say keep your cash yous rather take mickey the that's fine with me took enough it in my life to have more so keep wasting your time on me please your loss. Oh can you take the mickey out of this guy as well he made investment decisions in 2017 hes a fake right? Especially x-men 101 Dark Phoenix which has a 9.8 fmv of £5000 not dollars so do the exchange.
  9. Hi, I'm new to flipping comics.Logic says modern and bronze age comics will have fewer owners therefore better quality conditions for CGC grading. Is it worth flipping older silver age comics I feel the condition of them are so poor its not worth it. You may get 1-2 surprises out of 10-20 submissions. Anyone been down this road? Also, does CGC have a UK base in London, which you can submit comics there, however i think they still go to USA for grading. Thanks.
  10. It's post like these that give me hope that some money can be made in this industry as I have been shot down by most people in my area who say that the industry is dead and not worth investing in.