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  1. If no one has said it yet Snyder's Death of the Family was exceptional. Starts at #13 has some crossovers.
  2. All in all I agree. I've been using DD as a whipping boy to make a point. A lot of people take commercial success for more than it is. Art for arts sake is more genuine and more enjoyable for me personally. "Going platinum has nothing to do with luck, it just means a million people are stupid as f---"
  3. DD is Important to no one but his fans . ... I love how people try to argue the "importance" of the specific characters they like..... DD is not Superman, Batman, Spiderman or the Fantastic Four... Those characters were important to the medium (along with many others). Alan Moore's work in the 80's, that was important to the medium. DD is barely a blip on the radar. Same with Moon Knight he is important to no one but his fans, such as myself. His original run was excellent ran 38 issues, MSMN left me wanting in areas but had its bright spots and ran 60 issues. There were some horrible runs thrown in (Vengeance run comes to mind)The somewhat recent Jeff Lemire run was excellently written, drawn and inked ... But if you never gave the character a chance you wouldn't know.
  4. I don't get the DD love and Moon Knight hate. Personally I would rather get intimate with a cheese grater then watch or read about Matt Murdock doing his best to not trip over S*** in Hell's Kitchen but to each his own.
  5. Kit Harrington would make me barf in my lap. I've heard Keanu Reeves is speculated to have an unconfirmed role for Marvel.... I could live with that. I like Keanu but worry he doesn't have the range to pull this off. Honestly whoever is announced I probably won't like at first.
  6. Good I I don't want the price to go up I still want to upgrade my copy lol. One rational explanation on speculation and high price may be a low print run. It was towards the tail end of WBN. I would love to know what the print number is.
  7. A lot of worry about the execution. But excited for some focus on Moon Knight. The last couple runs were well written and now we should get some more.
  8. As a MK fan I'm biased, Too the uninitiated I say sure Moon Knight is like Batman, if Batman had 1/10 the money and was 10 times crazier. Even that is disingenuous. Moon Knight shares almost no character traits with Batman. Batman has issues he needs to work through Moon Knight is insane. Bats to Iron Man is a more realistic comparison but that for another thread. Moonie lacks the moral clarity of Batman and does not suffer from a boy scout complex. There is nothing metaphysical to Batman or his powers, whereas Moon Knight believes himself to be the conduit of an Egyptian God with evidence to back up this claim. Moon Knight made his small fortune by killing people as a mercenary. His struggles with DID/ MPD allow for his character development to go into a plethora of directions including the fact that there are four distinct characters within Moon Knight's being (Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, and Moon Knight) One of which is a homicidal maniac another a normie financeer. He has no qualms about killing and Jake even enjoys dismembering and keeping limbs of vanquished foes. When fights are going south and Jake takes over things get fun. I'm a Batman fan as well and think he is by far the best of the core DC/ JLA characters. I can see the surface comparison but with any amount of digging one can see these characters are drastically different. A lot of people don't get Moon Knight and that's fine "It's not for you"
  9. I'm a Huge Moon Knight fan, and have nearly every Moon Knight book. He seems to have a cult like following of which I am a devoted acolyte. Some of his more recent runs have been wonderfully written such as the Lemire run. I enjoyed the Bemis run as well. The recent 9.8 heritage auction at $50K seems to be pushing the price of 32 into the stratosphere in all grades. I would love to know the print run on the book as it seems to be legitimately rare at this point. I had plans to upgrade my 4.0 copy to a 7.5 ... I'll be lucky if I can afford a 6.0 by the time I get to the planned upgrade.
  10. Yayyy new divisive topic to burn the forums to the ground. For a comic book forum housed by the company that slabs books, there seems to be a pretty large crowd that has a disdain for graded books. Not saying this your stance Catman I'm just getting the fire started. I have been an avid reader of comic books since the time I was able to read. I have 2000 comics about 20 of which are slabbed (1%) I would dare to venture that the vast majority of people who enjoy owning slabbed books also enjoy reading comics hence the fixation. I have have enjoyed most of my favorite story arcs in trade paperback form and own the keys within those runs in single issue form example Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. I love owning a piece of comic book history and have the collecting "sickness" like many here do. This sickness pushes me to own more NM goodness and then treat it like a dragon does his gold. This hobby lends itself to many different styles of collecting, different people enjoy doing it in different ways.
  11. Did not know that would be possible....
  12. Yeah there is a UV protector on the slab very easily put on and taken off without leaving any residue . ... The downside is that the bubbles can be a real B--- to get out unless perfectly trimmed and applied.