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  1. Worthy adversaries .... I dream of open warfare with Ants the size of dogs ... Large dogs... Mmmmm Chaos
  2. Speaking of Friday ..... It's here .... What topic shall start the flame war this evening.....
  3. Holy "Hot Take" Batman Tell em how you really feel.
  4. EXHIBIT A: As a Moonie Looney I think this is a cool book but manufactured rarity disgusts me and the price tag is preposterous. And ummmmm I'll take 7.5 WBN 32 over this every time over and over... but that's obvious. Still a cool book, I enjoyed the Bemis run alot..... But nooo just no.
  5. Ugh as much as it has to p!$$ you off you got to laugh. These things come with the territory in this hobby and I know I have learned from getting burned (literally). I make sure to check everything now before buying and try to stick to slabs for any big keys.
  6. I second this.... Was gonna flat out suggest it but figured someone had said before I got here. I've gone to Midtown when the LCS has sold out of something I was looking for and never been disappointed.
  7. I'm a huge Thanos Fan and was ecstatic when the series was announced with Lemire writing it. Loved his story arc which ends at issue 12. Was equally as happy when the following arc was announced with Cates. Lemire's arc was clean and concise. I would discuss why I find this incarnation of Thanos so interesting, but that's for another thread as I don't want to spoil. Cates took it up a big notch. Had so much Cosmic firepower. So much of the fanfare is focused on Cosmic Ghost Rider but Norrin Radd was on another level of badass ... Thought his place in the arc always top notch. Overall a couple of the better towards best writers currently working in the medium doing a Thanos run some real justice.
  8. McFarlane capes on Batman are excellent.
  9. She authored a book recently titled "She Could Fly". I read the 1st issue, very outside of the box and well written.
  10. Reading Vertigo Titles (V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Swamp Thing, Sandman.) was definitely a pivotal moment in my comic reading evolution. I collected Marvel moderns in the early 90's as a kid (ASM, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer.) Had slowed down heading into my teens until in high school a buddy of mine tossed his copy of V for Vendetta at me just saying "read this." Flew through it, then Watchmen ... Then all of Swamp Thing (Most likely my favorite of the bunch), Read a Chunk of Sandman and various other titles. Vertigo relit the comic reading and collecting fire for me and showed me how much could be done within the medium. Obviously a huge Alan Moore Fan...
  11. Appreciate the suggestions. Made the thread to discuss all display methods showing people all the options. Always liked the idea of oversized prints. Also wanted discuss these showcases because as a product they are the top of the line but still leave me wanting in some areas... Specifically book fit. I'm keeping all my most NM books in top-loaders in boxes. I'm keeping some mid grade keys keys in the Showcases for display along with my high grade ASM 300 and 4.0ish WBN 32 because they are books I aspired to get and like seeing them daily. I trimed the boards and got the best fit possible for both of those as they are important to me and don't want to incur damage from displaying.
  12. I also have UV protection on all of my CGC books.
  13. I should have specified that I use the the UV protected showcases.
  14. Yeah book definitely has its heavy spine dings, bought it thinking 6.5ish. It is attached at the staples and complete. Detached and incomplete books are dead to me.
  15. I'll take it... Would be very happy to get it back at that grade.