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  1. Hulk 181 8.0 WP - 4000 USD The slab - as you can see in the picture - is slightly open, I think it's a good candidate for a reholder.
  2. Due to unforeseen expenses, I'm forced to part with my holy grails: X-Men 1, Giant-Size X-Men 1 and Hulk 181. No HOSers or Probies. First in the thread trumps DMs. PayPal or money order accepted, payment due in 48 hrs. Shipping to Europe & UK is 15 €, 30 USD for worldwide shipping. Returns not accepted. Thank you!
  3. Bought my holy grail from Adrian and I couldn't be more satisfied - great communication, fast shipping and pleasant transaction overall. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Looking to buy a CGC graded Daredevil #1 in the 4.0 - 5.5 range, not Cream PQ preferably. Gocollect last 3 sales avg: - 4.0 $1590 - 4.5 $1775 - 5.0 $1955 - 5.5 $2250 I'm willing to pay a bit more for the right book - please take also in consideration that I need international shipping, which of course I can pay in its entirety. Thanks. Edit: found one! Thanks
  5. LOL love my board name.. actually, I couldn't come up with anything clever or witty, so I took inspiration from this random Magneto pic I found haha
  6. Yeah he does! He had a booth at the biggest Italian comic con last November, too bad I didn't make it to his signing session.. but I had the chance to meet Neal Adams instead lol!
  7. Hello everyone! Long-time lurker, posting for the first time. While being a huge DC fan - the only Marvel books I'm reading right now are Immortal Hulk and Venom - I grew up with the X-Men and recently completed Claremont's run (unslabbed for the most part, with the exception of #101). Also got some major keys (Giant size X-Men 1 9.4 CGC and Hulk 181 8.0 CGC), I'm on a journey to buy my mega grail, a CGC copy of X-Men 1, without destroying completely my bank account - doesn't help that I live in Italy so shipping and import fees go heavy on me lol.. Anyway, you guys helped me a lot - unknowingly - in my comics journey and for that I thank you, glad to be a member of this community!