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  1. Here’s your chance to own one of my many treasures.. Wife said some money has to come back in or I’m going out so here it is boys and girls... Help me get to 20 years of marriage... a happy 20 years—-😐 see below thanks for looking and good luck.. Also more can be found here
  2. WE are Vet Comics and Collectibles, Lets start by stating we are not new to comics, 30 plus years collecting, just new to selling online with them and website building. We have alot of great comics and we have posted an initial listing of comics that should appeal to all collectors for the time being. The thing that makes us a little different is you have two military veterans one active duty Army and one retired, prior Air Force together we have 10,000 plus, too many comics according to our families. We are in two different states one of us travels the world and looks everywhere he goes and the other has too much time on his hands and searches local and the web like crazy. So if your looking for a comic or collectable we might be the guys to have it or find it for you for you. Again constructive thoughts are welcome but again keep it positive we already hear enough from our wives. So visit us at VetComics.Com show some love for some fellow collectors I promise we have brought something from some of you guys. Veteran Owned, Founded, and Run... Happy Hunting Below are some potential vault items that may come to the website soon.