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  1. Mail call today from CGC. Actually I submitted 2 comics through my LCS to compare the turn around times compared to submit by myself. Now on, I definitely will submit by my own. It took 4 months to get my comics back from my LCS and 1.5 months when I submitted myself. Now what is killing me, is a hair inside the slab. In this case CGC quality control was nonexistent. I'm really disappointed because my LCS didn't care, and send the comic back to me as is, without telling me first about this. But anyway, I guess I will contact CGC for a rehold. On the other hand I'm very happy with my third copy of ASM 18 Decomixado CGC 9.8.
  2. I really like the Star #1 virgin cover. Let's see if I can get it.
  3. Happy to read that man. I hope police catch this guy. Cheers!
  4. I saw it in the bay. I was waiting to bid In last second. Nice one!
  5. It totally depends on you. If you are ok with the yellow/green label, just go for it. If you pretend to sell the book, I wouldn't .
  6. Regarding this petition, the book Chastity v2 #1 2019 Dynamite Entertainment Incentive "Carve" Edition was added to the set, but I can't register the Certification Number: 2076961006, and no points were given to this slot. Your comic "Chastity v2 #1" (2076961006) is currently being added to our comic database and should appear this weekend with our server update. I apologize for the delay. Thank you for patience. Thanks.
  7. My first CGC submission. Not to bad, but I need to train more my grading.