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    I had posted it, but then received a warning by the moderators and the post was removed. Didn't mean to cause any trouble. I'm new here, and had assumed since CGC won't have a presence at Dragoncon, then it would be safe to post alternatives. Especially since only a booth at the con was posted. I definitely want to get some CGC Signature Series at Dragoncon, but I still can't find anybody for them. I can only find alternatives. Still holding out hope.
  2. Bjorne


    I'm going to try and track it down again. I went back looking for it once already and couldn't find it, but I will do a deep dive and see if I can scrounge it up. My apologies!
  3. Bjorne


    I did find a facilitator on a facebook board for CBCS. I know we would all rather do CGC, but if I have 0 CGC choices with George Perez and it being his last con, I might just have to do it.
  4. I second Kenny37! At the very least Kenny37, I'll be bringing my Omnibuses. Since he is doing limited remarks, we can get in on that on the Omnibus Route.
  5. Bjorne


    Yeah, it is a major surprise to me as well. Especially since it is supposed to be George Perez's last appearance.....
  6. Bjorne


    Any news about witnesses for this event? I have some books I would like to get done, but I can't seem to find any information on anyone.
  7. Any news about witnesses for this event? I have some books I would like to get done, but I can't seem to find any information on anyone.
  8. Everyone, I buy a few Signature Series here and there on ebay, but I haven't had a membership in years for any of the slab companies. However I recently moved and I have my man cave, so I can start displaying some of my comics and got my CGC Membership. I am headed to a con today and I am perplexed by a few things, plus have a few questions. 1) I know that CGC upcharge 10 bucks for a SS, which I would assume covers the overhead of the witness having to do their job. However at the con today I believe the facilitator is charging another 10 bucks on top of that to cover their overhead. Does CGC not kick back a portion of their 10 if they are not at a con, and a facilitator is? Is it normal to get double dipped this way? Please take into account that I am not at the con yet and might have misunderstood the way it was explained to me over the phone. They also charge an extra 5 for each autograph, but I believe that part to be normal. 2) The artists and creators have started a significant upcharge for CGC now, so I am thinking of bringing a few omnibuses as well. What percent on average do they upcharge for "remark" sketches? I am talking about the quickie ones. The ones they can do in about 10 seconds. Basically I want to know if that falls under "head sketches", or it is kinda like the amount of time it would take to write a sentence. Plus I know every artist or creator is different, so I am just looking for generalizations. Thanks In Advance, John Oh, I also forgot to ask that if using a facilitator, do you get your cgc membership discount?