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  1. I was looking on ebay and saw a fairly nice copy of an old Amazing Spider-Man. The main issue that I see with the book is the advertisement on the inner back cover bled through, and is visible on the outer back cover. How does this effect the grade? Thank You!
  2. I'm so confused, rofl. Thank you everybody!
  3. Ok, I think I have the scanning thing down I hope, and it looks like I've gotten the order right this time. I'm learning!
  4. Rofl. I'll have to look that website up. I got a few of the Lois Lane covers yesterday where he appeared to have a similar attitude. I never knew. I was never a big fan of his because I always thought he was too much of a goody two shoes, now I know better. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I think that cover is awesome. I might need to look for a better one now that I know it exists. I bet it would look sweet up on the wall.
  6. These old Superman covers are a trip. He was kind of a jerk, haha.
  7. Just picked up a bunch of late 60's, early 70's books from a yard sale. This however is probably the one in the best condition. The rest are fairly well tore up, but I figured even beat up they would be worth a couple of bucks.
  8. Yeah, it would be much more beautiful white! I'm kinda stoked about this book. I really like it. Yeah, I mean it could be better, but sometimes ya just gotta roll with it and be happy with what you have in your hands.
  9. Would a clean and press increase everyone's grades on this possibly? I really want to start learning how to grade, it just seems like a very intimidating art. Can some of the defects be pointed out by you guys and how many points you guys think they drop things per defect? With the book in hand, and understanding some of those defects might help me get a bit of a firmer grasp. I have been collecting since I was a child, but took 25 or so years off from the hobby when my kids were born, up until their college etc.. I started back into it slow, but now i am fully hooked back in. Slowly inventorying my collection and surfing ebay. And does CCS clean AND press? Or just press? Thanks for the grades everyone!
  10. Yes, I saved them as jpeg, so I'm not quite sure. I will have to try some other file types. Thanks!
  11. I bought it as a VF/NM. The pictures didn't show everything. I overpayed, but I have wanted it for a while. Thank you.
  12. Here is my 3rd and last for the day. Thank you everyone for looking. Any tips on photos or anything, please let me know for the future. Wish I knew why my scans can't be accepted by the website.
  13. Did this one from my phone. Even though I put the photos in a specific order, they got completely rearranged somehow....
  14. First time posting here on the grading board, and my front/back scans might not be loading.....? Hrm... I keep getting an error, -200? I gave up and took photos.
  15. Bjorne


    I had posted it, but then received a warning by the moderators and the post was removed. Didn't mean to cause any trouble. I'm new here, and had assumed since CGC won't have a presence at Dragoncon, then it would be safe to post alternatives. Especially since only a booth at the con was posted. I definitely want to get some CGC Signature Series at Dragoncon, but I still can't find anybody for them. I can only find alternatives. Still holding out hope.