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  1. on his resume did it say ... nickname: shoomanfoo reason looking for work: legal bills, bro
  2. I think somebody put in a bid of $2k but make offer was on so somebody else came in and offered $8k and got it BIN. and you don't get to see the BIN price unless you peek behind the curtain.
  3. Bet that comic is no longer a 9.8 after the shoo cracked it out
  4. Humidity affects everything, except gold and black holes. So yes, it does affect slabbed comics. But only 2 hours? The bubble wrap kept it dry. Put the slab somewhere dry, it'll be fine.
  5. 9.0 oww after press, maybe 9.2 the only wear being the ding on the spine, I assume a press would remove the crinkles on the back BUT, the back crinkles look like water damage and if it is, all bets are off.
  6. I used to have posters, my best was this lobby card
  7. nice bright, glossy cover and good pages tough to grade cause it's real nice except for the stain, rust and scuffing 4.0 WHITE Pages
  8. Dylat Grade Scale 0.5 I Like 2.0 Nice 4.0 Very Nice 6.0 Success 8.0 Great Success 10.0 Sexy Time
  9. crapper copy toilet copy throne copy bog copy porcelain pedigree
  10. Last 30 days he had 1,126 feedbacks. My experience selling on feebay is that about 1 out of 4 buyers leave feedback so 1,126 x 4 is around 4,500 sales last month (150/day)*. He has about 1 buyer feedback for every 18 as seller so it's mostly sales. He's moving a lot of something, somewhere. *I only ever sell old stuff, no comics, so maybe comic buyers leave feedback at a different rate or buyers hate me?