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  1. Press it first, but yeah it could be worth it to send in with other books. without press could be 9.0. With press, you could get 9.2, 9.4 or better, never know.
  2. the funny thing is what I wrote above was inspired by what you wrote on another forum regading polybag creases
  3. Yes, that's what I thought. They usually disclose colour breaks. @xvipah I am assuming you did not press this book right? If that's the case and you want a higher grade, then since your grader notes do not mention colour breaks, it seems that resubmitting the book for a press and regrade would be worthwhile. You have good odds of getting a higher grade.vipah Also, polybag creases do press out.
  4. I thought it was the opposite, that a crease didn't mean colour break. What would a non colour breaking crease be called?
  5. Pressing is quicker with their Sig Series events. Mine have been around 34 business days, everything included (after the signing has taken place of course).
  6. They both grade similarly. There is none that grades stricter all the time. And remember CBCS was created by someone from CGC. So it's very close to being the same standards. CGC has been around longer, that's the main difference in terms of notoriety.
  7. There is no grade guarantee. I wouldn't worry about what happens in 100 years though.
  8. I already answered all your questions in my previous reply. It's pretty straightforward: if you send a signed book to cgc that they did not witness, there will be green on your label. Any certificate of authenticity will be thrown in the garbage by cgc.
  9. they won't give a grade to a sketch, period (regardless if witnessed). they don't grade art. See below: no score
  10. that's not comic art, that's an actual comic. And yes, they will grade it.
  11. Wont matter, the sig that gcg witnessed will count but the original sig by campbell will still be seen as writing on the cover. So you'll get a partly green label regardless. Basically, rule of thumb is if you are thinking of CGC, then stay away from comics that are already signed.
  12. Oh I forgot, my favourite cover from the 80s And since we are talking of the X-men, here's 2 others.
  13. Exactly and it's not a specialized service. MCS is small potatoes, we are talking heritage baby! 8% is cheap, take 20% or let him list his own stuff.
  14. 20% same as what auction houses that offer a specialized service take.
  15. Interesting. I had read that but since it wasn't first monica rambeau outright, I didn't think it matterred. ASM Annual 16 must be going up too then (just assuming from the interest).
  16. I am surprised that isn't so far off the guide price, only a 14% premium.
  17. Unrelated. Bends and creases can bring a book down to the 5.0 range just as much as rips and such and structural damage (like water damage or stains, even small ones) will bring a book down to the 4.0 range. The amount of defects is also unrelated. One colour break can bring a book down to a 7.0, a bigger bend can bring it down to a 5.0 and a lengthwide bend will bring it down to a 4.0. And that is just 1 defect. In your case, you had some colour break, some staple tears, and creases in the back. Enough to bring it down to the 5.0 range.