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  1. Here's 1, think the only other copy is a 5.0 restored, mine isn't restored
  2. Shouldn't have seen those romance covers. Got into romance comics because of this book I'm into crime so this fox giant with remainder books was a nice pick up for me. Only one copy on CGC a 5.0 restored My copy I sent to another grading company for fun and came back 5.0 unrestored Anyway, the romance stories and letters pages were a complete laugh. And since then I've hunted romance books from 50s to the 70s Still enjoy the crime books. Nice cheap books with fun covers can be bought cheaply for fun collectors. Like this book.
  3. That's a shame someone trimmed that book. It looks like the trimm wouldn't help but just lower the value
  4. Ouch that hurts. I got lucky and I sent my copy last year to the other grading company and it came back 2.5 off white pages unrestored.
  5. Wow that's amazing. Sometimes it's all about timing. Bought my copy many years ago for a tenth of that price in Australian dollars.
  6. Wanting to buy TTA pedigrees that I don't have. Looking for the following books. Must be graded by CGC with the pedigree printed on the label. Either old school slab or new pedigree label does not matter. Grade and page quality no matter. Willing to pay 1.5 times go collect in grade. Don't have a green river pedigree yet for the collection so willing to pay 2 times go collect for a copy. Looking for the following issues. 72 76 87 100 101 Due to the fact I'm willing to pay over fair market value the highest grade I'm comfortable with is 9.4
  7. Then as the Australia dollar increased and the U.S books had a $1 cover price. Comics off the news stand that were priced at $2 dropped to 1.5 times U.S cover price. That's when marvel started printing comics with the Australian cover price. I did have the nm 98 Australian cover price but flipped it when the book hit $100
  8. Hulk 340 bought off the news stand in Australia. At the time comics were priced double the U.S cover price. Hence the $1.50 written on the front cover. Most shops just used a sticker on the cover with $1.50. As the sticker was new it was easily removed with no damage or residue glue.
  9. In high school I use to hit about 5 news stands about 2 to 10 minutes walk from my home. Only one of them had the pun ongoing series.