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  1. Not high grade. Picked these up today for a couple of dollars each 👍
  2. Invest in toilet paper and bottled water companies before the media hysteria starts or you can't cash out at a high.
  3. Originally from Australia I started collecting in 87. Stopped around 94 and started again in 2004. I ended up with about 5k in books. Met my wife in Australia and she wanted to move back to the States as she is American. So I kept 350 books packed them into 3 suitcases and sold the rest. This was 7 years ago. Since starting over again I've bought books I've never owned before so my collection is totally different. I agree with some here the hunt is what makes it fun. An example is I'm a big Subby fan so when I got back into comics in 2004 I put together a run of TTA 70-101 in vf. Took just 6 months. Too easy. So thought how about a run 70 -101 in cgc pedigrees no matter the condition. 16 years later I'm still short 4 books that are not keys. And the hunt continues 👍 While I think about it. Anyone who is interested in selling TTA cgc pedigree books in the numbers 76, 87,100 and 101 let me know.
  4. Pick up yesterday at my local 👍 The price stickers are not what I paid. The Superman I needed it for my 72 collection that was $45 My love that looks like a easy 9.0 was $20. The beyond the unknown a easy 9.4 for $15 and the candy and Gabby were $4 and $5 Good condition 1950s books at the same price as a new release book. Sign me up for some of that action always 👍