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  1. New book that arrived yesterday for my May 1972 collection 👍
  2. No the Aussie books were sold to Geppi then sold later on. While the American books from Morrison were sold to Doc a Australian comic book dealer. The Black hawk 24 book was also originally from the Morrison collection
  3. Personally a incomplete book is poor. Missing stamp that does not affect story or it's been blessed by the pope. Incomplete is poor. Blue green red label can't make a poor book better. Anyway green labels don't have any and I avoid them like the plaque. My
  4. you lose the 3 percent fee. I'd ask for that fee back as there is no transaction anymore. Been years since I did eBay. For me I'd rather deal with a auction house that way I get what I paid for. As a seller. I don't sell but I'd use the forum or auction houses instead. Yes you pay more commission. Then again you don't have to converse with losers. Win win
  5. I think the book graded at 1.5. so the qualified grade would be 1.5. personally I'll take a blue 1.5 over a green 1.5 any day. If the book was a higher grade then I'm sure it would have gotten a higher grade green label
  6. Oldest book. Crowley copy Crime does not pay 25 January 43. In a old cgc slab.
  7. I'll get this thread back on track. Kitty sitting on comics in Avignon France.