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  1. 3.5 and I love this comic a great comic to own regardless of the contiton
  2. even tho it looks like a 9.8 you can never be too sure but I think a 9.8 is very likely
  3. I would say 7 if that back can be fixed maybe 7.5
  4. I don't think thats a printing error u prob got scammed for that but for a buck its not terrible
  5. comic looks nm so it should be like a 9.6 with those markings but cgc has surprised me it could very well be less or a 9.8
  6. if I were you I wouldn't grade it its not worth it if its your 1st comic then keep it price wise raw its like 30 bucks maybe less
  7. I don't think its worth grading because its not worth much and I dont know if thats some color break in the right corner but if its not 9.8 I guess
  8. I mean outside from the rips it looks like a 6.5 comic but with the rips 5.5 also this really a comic people care about so I doubt people will bid on it that high