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  1. Nice there’s some good stuff there
  2. A good press and cleaning should help I would say 7.5 which is still good in your collection did you get a asm 300?
  3. Congrats I’ll let you know if I see one of those for sale
  4. I see what you mean tbh I think that back cover bumped up the grade can’t really see it too well but it looks really nice
  5. No I’m saying it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks I Also think the 1st venom is 299 but if someone thinks the even just the hand is enough that’s fine by me I’m not gonna argue
  6. bringing back this old thread im going to say the best is ss4 then tta 93 then ss1 but I like almost all of his covers
  7. i wouldn't risk it I think thats a great grade for it and its just a great comic to own in any grade
  8. there should be no argument everyone has their own opinion and im cool with that if you count web of spiderman 18 the 1st venom cool it doesnt effect me