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  1. Underrated silver surfer star lord Hawkeye Rhodey quasar spider punk. Overated spider Gwen moon knight taskmaster captain America I’m gonna get a lot of hate
  2. If you’re a huge iron fist fan I would say yes if u trying to resell tuff to say
  3. Good luck man You have some good comics hopefully you can sell them and hopefully your wife can get a job
  4. Back cover looks like a 9.8 front a 9.4 so maybe they rounded it out
  5. Solid 5’s for both but u got no back cover pic so it’s hard
  6. So I was looking thru silver surfer on eBay and I found this a shredded solver surfer 1 for a starting bid of 25 dollars at least it benefits charity
  7. This is the wrong topic for this but if you can post pics of the best ones or send a list of what comics u have that can help
  8. I’m 15 I’m seeing lots of teens Go into comic stores tho they might be coming back lots of readers and collectors
  9. I mean i think for moderns 9.8 is the move for bronze I think 9.4 for silver age I would take a 7 and for golden a 4