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  1. since we are in this topic his true 1st appearance is hulk 2 2008. Since he doesnt actually appear in hulk 1 just the cover.
  2. x men 4 going up makes sense with wandavision being super popular right now that comic is for sure gonna take a jump.And thats whats happening right now im sure it will go down once the hype has cooled off.
  3. I mean a 3.0 sold for around 10000 on ebay if an x men movie if officially announced 15000 doesn't sound like a reach
  4. this might be a little unpopular but I think x men is more important. Now don't get me wrong hulk 1 is super important but the x men 1 is the 1st of many important characters, the first of a super popular villain and its the first appearance of a team that's been around for a very long time. I think what makes x men 1 important is its the 1st x men its kinda like avengers 1 where there's no 1st appearances but its the 1st of the team but .X men 1 has that and a ton of super important 1st appearances And also to add on all of that it’s also the 1st appearance of the mutants.And now for the mcu
  5. I think a better place for this is the want to buy or in search of thread but good luck!
  6. dont really understand why it fits great with ff48 IMO and its a classic kirby cover.
  7. I think ff48 has a great cover it really fits the tone of the comic well and it makes you want to read it so see who galactus is
  8. I actually dont hate the cover its actually starting to grown on me.