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  1. gonna be interesting on the prices on the whole series if the game gets fully confirmed I could also see some comic characters appear like zayne carrick but I doubt that
  2. that gi joe is a newsstand copy too to add to the find
  3. I mean hes only in like 2 comics in that series and the appearances are brief and are mostly there to learn his backstory more
  4. ventress was in comics 1st I think could be wrong and same with bane I think
  5. fantastic four 94 is going up I dont know if anyone mentioned that.
  6. the tales from the clone wars webcomic graphic novel is selling for as high as 500 dollars rn apparently cad bane and more are in it predates darth maul 2
  7. My bad he’s actually in more panels than 3 saw it wrong anyway here’s the photos it’s definitely not a cameo
  8. even if its brief that doesnt mean cameo a cameo is one panel mace windu is in 3 panels in phantom menace 3.
  9. its for sure not a cameo hes in a few panels and speaks