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  1. In Ontario, we do have a Welfare Fraud "Hotline" I am not 100% sure if what Gabe is doing is 'technically' fraud though. Kind of like the same thing where you see people get their checks and head to the LCBO or convenience store and drop a wad of cash on Nevada tickets. Now, if he is not reporting his comic sales, under reporting what he pays in rent, etc., well then we may be in different territory. I'm no lawyer though. The downside of all this is that while what he is doing is not "right", it may not be illegal and/or fraudulent either. It's not a crime to be on Welfare in Canada.
  2. My admittedly brief check had Barton listed as the artist for the flip side, Beyond Earth's Gate -- with Daybreak 2250 as unknown artist.
  3. Andre Norton's first sic-fi novel. Great cover, though the artist seems to unknown.
  4. Same here. Just looks like a small miscut with the bottom a bit narrower than the top. Not an uncommon quality control issue and nothing that would affect a CGC grade -- though a raw buyer might be more circumspect.
  5. Kinda like that one. If they do an episode at a German bar, it could be Raw und Slaw.
  6. Bomber-bob is not wrong with his answer. You're asking questions that are both huge and tiny. Someone could write an economics thesis upon these or simply look up the data on a specific book on eBay.
  7. The pictures I see are exemplary.
  8. Use this. Everything in one place.
  9. One aspect of such a statement is an implicit comradery in holding the business of buying and selling to a reasonably high ethical level.