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  1. Closing in on the JIM 50-125 run, down to needing two issues after picking this up.
  2. Dick Pontoon

    PGM: Matt Baker books

    I think they'll hammer it. 4.0 tops.
  3. Dick Pontoon

    GA warehouse finds of the past

    And it was just "a post". He had a long history of acting like a person_too_unaware_of_social_graces, to say the least.
  4. Dick Pontoon

    Any good (one-day) shows in New England?

    There is unfortunately no monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly 1-day show in metro Boston and hasn’t been for some time. The original one that had gone on for years and years was run into the ground about 2008-09 or so. (I could be off). Larry’s Comics eventually started a new monthly show in Woburn that was small but fantastic, just dealers and comics. That ran for a while but eventually he couldn’t do it anymore. Chris’ Comics in NH ran a 1 day show in May; another is coming up in September. http://www.chriscardscomics.com/Events.html They used to run a regular show in NH years ago before losing the venue. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep this new one afloat. Little Giant ran a 1 day show in NH this past spring. There’s supposed to be another next spring. http://littlegiantcomics.com/old-school-comic-show.html I didn’t walk out with much, but there were a lot of dealers. Harry Martin runs a 1-day show in Franklin. Not quite monthly but almost. Its a smaller show and can be hit or miss. http://mymummy.com/shows_conventions.html Gary Sohmers runs the Northeast Comic Con. Pontoon says Bleh. I’ve been to several. Location has moved several times. Limited amount of dealers and high admission. Theres’s the Plastic City Con. I gave it a shot this year. It was meh. It’s a comic-centric show but they really need more dealers. http://www.plasticcitycomiccon.com/ Rubber Chicken ran a show in Uxbridge in June, I couldn’t make it, but they’re good guys. https://www.facebook.com/events/214757542416931/ Best for buying GA? My guess is the Reed show in NY, can’t imagine it would’t beat any of the New England shows hands down. Between Providence/Hartford/Boston I’d say Boston, and I’m not a huge fan of the show it has turned into. It’s a celeb-driven pop culture event now where the ratio of tchotchke sellers far outnumbers comic dealers. However, for GA books you usually get Superworld, Harley Yee and James Payette. It’s the one show a year he sets up at. (Though it was actually his second this year; he also set up at the Little Giant show.) I’ve never been to Terrificon which is this weekend; I have a feeling it’s a good show. I’ve also never made it to the Windsor show, it’s a bit of a haul for me as I'm north of Boston.
  5. Dick Pontoon

    Terrificon at Mohegan Sun Expo Center on August 17-19th 2018

    Dang. I wish I was going.
  6. Dick Pontoon

    The Undead Thread: Pre-Code Horror

    Needing to raise some cash I tried to sell this maybe 7 years ago on the boards but had no takers. Thankfully!
  7. Speaking of oddball Atlas one-shots:
  8. Recently picked this one-shot up on the boards.
  9. Zorr was a styrofoam glider/kite. He was tethered to a string by a clip you could yank once he was up in the air and then he’d glide down by himself. He was next to impossible to get up there and also broke easily. I suspect most kids had the same problem since he was not on the shelves very long.
  10. That's the set I had. Surprised it dates to '71.
  11. Oh yeah. I don't think I ever had one that last an entire season.
  12. I think Terrificon this weekend in CT looks like the pick to click. They have a killer guest lineup of old guys, who are the creators i'd like to see, and I understand the show draws dealers who don't turn up in Mass.
  13. Since moving from the Seaport World Trade Center to the Boston Convention Center, I've had no difficulties.
  14. I'd completely forgotten about those. Can't even remember if I actually had one (I think so) or just remember using my friends'.