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  1. Dick Pontoon

    Marvel's Giant Size Appreciation Thread

    I made a few scans to join the fun. Top edge looks much better in person.
  2. Dick Pontoon

    How do you keep track of run collecting?

    I use one of these, with graph paper and bound at the top for easy flipping:
  3. Dick Pontoon

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    Now all you need is this, which reconstructs the original story as closely as possible with previously lost Kirby pencil pages:
  4. Dick Pontoon

    Kirby - pencils versus layouts

    In the '60s (and beyond) Kirby’s style was Marvel style. Although he worked very hard, cranking out hundreds upon hundreds of pages a year, he couldn’t do everything. In some instances, say after his brief run on the Hulk in Tales to Astonish, he did layouts rather than full pencils for a few issues so a title would maintain the Marvel “house style.” He basically plotted and drew everything, though not with his usual level of detail. Mike Esposito in the case of TTA would then finish the pencils and ink them. In the case of Kamandi and with the majority of his art, he did full pencils and the D. Bruce Berry (previously Mike Royer) inked them. That’s the way comics were made until the digital age, although some artists inked their own work. Clink’s standard notation of “primary” and “secondary” generally denotes the penciller and the inker.
  5. Dick Pontoon

    Marvel's Giant Size Appreciation Thread

    Okay, I'll buy that.
  6. Dick Pontoon

    Marvel's Giant Size Appreciation Thread

    Those fit in with the time frame, but I believe technically they are considered Millie the Model Annual (or Special), the final two issues numbered consecutively after starting at #1 in 1962.
  7. Dick Pontoon

    Please grade The Thing #5!

    My quick skim @ work says 3.5.
  8. Dick Pontoon

    PGMy X-Men #1

    I hope you’re not laying the book flat on a scanner in that shot with the cover open. That’s a good way to stress or damage a spine; the cover is already detached at the top staple. I was thinking more like a 2.0, but maybe I’m being too harsh.
  9. Dick Pontoon

    Marvel's Giant Size Appreciation Thread

    I don’t have many of my Giant-Size books scanned, but here’s one of them: Giant-Size Man-Thing #1 is a great book. Extra length story with typical weird Gerber mysticism, Man-Thing vs. Glob battle and art by Mike Ploog plus a handful of first-rate pre-hero reprints as backup.
  10. Dick Pontoon

    Marvel's Giant Size Appreciation Thread

    I love Shad, but this article is more factually correct: https://peerlesspower.blogspot.com/2012/10/giant-size-headache.html
  11. Dick Pontoon


    Yeah, that's my first thought. Heritage would probably bring the highest hammer price for items like those. I'd give them a call and see what they say.
  12. Dick Pontoon

    New Collection We Looked At

    Written by one of our own, though Mike hasn’t posted here in some time, and chock full of in-depth research.