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  1. That's a lotta Tonkas!
  2. Dick Pontoon


    Greg's offspring.
  3. Dick Pontoon

    The Resurrection no more

    Wow. And I thought we’d never see a name change as wretched as Great Googly Moogly, COI’s xspldxlyx (whatever it was) or TunaXBushwick. Congrats Pat!
  4. Dick Pontoon

    Doctor X's Christmas Contest 2018 is in Motion

    Thanks again to Dr.X for another great time and breath of fresh air on the boards! Back to petty squabbling and infighting now!
  5. Dick Pontoon

    What DVD's Came with Mini Comics?

    You also may want to try the Grand Comics Database and search for "mini comic." You'll get tons of results; parsing through for DVD versions might take some work. Here's a sample of Spider-Man minis: https://www.comics.org/searchNew/?q=spider-man mini comic
  6. Dick Pontoon

    I cracked three slabs this morning...,

    I've had good luck so far without shattering, but I've only opened a few of the newer cases. I've been using a 6 in 1 painters tool like this:
  7. I usually just skip those types of posts.
  8. Why does Batman think the situation is so funny? I'd be pissed if my sidekick knocked the whole damn tree down, ornaments and all.
  9. Don't forget it was first posted in Comics General in the middle of an unrelated thread.
  10. Okay, just one more book and then I'll close this thread out. Thanks for looking! Fantastic Four #10, GD, $135. SALE PENDING