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  1. He's just a gigolo And everywhere he goes People know the part he's playing
  2. Automatic Relists: I’ve done okay with remembering to cancel, but there has been a bunch I meant to do 'later that night' and forgot. Luckily, my monthly free listings plus the usual offers for additional free listings have absorbed the relists so i didn’t incur additional listing fees. I don't have a store, BTW.
  3. How about this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Incredible-Hulk-181-Nov-1974-1st-Full-Wolverine-Replica-Not-CGC/173907689792?hash=item287db4c140:g:2QAAAOSwX5tc4dms
  4. Okay, here's one more. Kamandi #1, VF, $55, impact ding lower left corner, a few small others not visible in scan. Signed by Mike Royer.
  5. I started collecting a few years after namisgr in 1975. Like he said bags were not widely used by collectors at that time. Older back issues bought at the local show would be bagged but almost always without boards. Boards didn’t become more common even with dealers until probably the early '80s. Mylar was not around at all. I first found out about it in Overstreet in the '80s. Like namisgr, anything I bought off the rack didn’t get fully bagged until sometime in the 80s. I did bag some of the older issues before then, but hated buying bags since doing so ate into my comic budget.
  6. That's all I have right now. I'll see if I can rustle up anything else tonight.
  7. I believe in 1960, the average amount of titles in a given month total from all the various publishers was about 115-120.
  8. Love Romances #84, GD, $18. Staple rust with migration, cover close to being detached. Kirby cover and two interior stories by Matt Baker as per GCD. Piece sticking out is attached, printer miscut. SOLD!
  9. My Own Romance #74, FR/GD, $12. Cover detached and almost split. One Kirby story and a possible story by Matt Baker.
  10. My Own Romance #71, VG-, $24. Art Instruction School coupon filled out. Kirby cover and one interior story, one by Al Williamson and two by Matt Baker as per GCD. SOLD!
  11. Kid Colt Outlaw #86, VG+, $28. A few small moisture stains on the inner covers and on the top edge of some pages in the upper border; slight toning to interior covers. Severin cover and Jack Kirby Black Rider story.