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  1. Anyone bought from all_things_comics?

    There's been more threads about these guys over the years than I can count. Here's a non-boards capsule account: http://comic-book-information.blogspot.com/2012/06/scammer-named-aram-shirinyan.html
  2. eBay Getting Deeper in Your Wallet

    I recently received a warning message about placing contact info in my item descriptions, which I’ve never done. I believe what the system picked out was the line “Please feel free to email any questions you might have,” referring to sending a message through the ebay system. I’ve never listed any other means to contact me.
  3. Daredevil Collecting Thread

    I enjoy this thread and taking part in it, but don’t always contribute much since I don’t necessarily have scans and also because many of mine aren’t high grade. Here’s one I pulled out this morning to keep things rolling:>
  4. Purchasing Raw vs. Slabbed at a Convention

    I always get a kick out of the anti-dealer sentiment that crops up on the boards here and there. Just like people in every other aspect of life, there’s good ones and bad ones. Once you’ve figured out who the guys who know how to grade and price are, stick with them and just ignore the others. If buying at cons is so terrible, why are there so many Forumites who travel to different shows? Here’s a sampling of some of my buys over the last few years. Those who know me know I’m a cheapskate. I didn’t overpay on these and bought them at prices that both parties felt good about without any protracted negotiations. While we are on the subject, Bob showed me a very nice lower grade FF #4 one year at a nice price, but I’d just picked up the Hulk #2 and was low on funds.
  5. Let me know your thoughts on this ebay listing

    Yup. I'd even bet money it was legit, and I don't gamble. Too bad some schmuck chopped it off. And Peru 0 feedback doesn't help matters. Wouldn't be surprised if the scans have been swiped.
  6. Do we get reader glasses with the new font size?

    Yeah, but you do that and everything gets bigger, like avatars and whatnot, making the pages difficult to read in a different way.
  7. group shot thread

    He forgot what box it's in.
  8. Comic dresses that get you excited

    Read the title about comic dressing and was expecting a different type of thread, something along the lines of this:
  9. Birth of the Marvel Age club! Congrats! Show em off.

    I'm 2 books shy of a match. Will I burn out before that happens?
  10. 7-11 Cups part 2. Help!

  11. Marvel Topps Stickers 1975 & 1976

    I started collecting these at the same time or right before I started collecting funnybooks. Unlike my OO comics though, these were lost to the sands of time. I often think that it would be nice to collect them again but have never taken the plunge to avoid spreading myself too thin.
  12. 7-11 Cups part 2. Help!

    Except for Odin, these were production images used in a variety of merchandising in the 1970s. Perform a Google search using the words herb trimpe hulk poster 1970s john romita hulk sticker 1970s john romita spider-man poster 1970s and you should find what you need. Odin was drawn by John Buscema; you're on your own there. I'll PM you my PP addy for my 10%.
  13. PGX Reputation Rehab?

    No comprendo how it's taken a bath. Asking price is way high, above what CGC slabs seem to be fetching. Maybe the OP meant a different listing?
  14. Forgot all about the auction! Did bidding pick up at the end?