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  1. Dick Pontoon

    Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar

    Already listed on ‘bay! Some dupes I’ll keep or sit on but I’d rather put the money of Apache Kid towards something else.
  2. Dick Pontoon

    Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar

    Yeah, I like that one, too. Despite the stars on the cover, they’re decent looking copies. There were others from the same collection, too, but I can only handle so many westerns at once.
  3. Dick Pontoon

    Manufacturing Defect?

    Tough to tell from the photos, but it might also be residue from an old price sticker.
  4. Dick Pontoon

    What type of staining is this ?

    Yup, it does.
  5. CGC does not slab treasuries and probably never will. The tooling costs required to make a new slab that size are astronomical and the market too small to justify the cost. I'm rather glad they don't, since if they did slab them most likely nice copies would be harder to find and more expensive.
  6. Dick Pontoon

    Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar

    Picked these up a few weeks ago at a local show. Western Kids are #1 and #2, chock full of Romita art. Apache Kid #13 turned out to be a dupe. I need to enter Western titles into my notebook and not work from just my memory.
  7. Dick Pontoon

    What Grade is a Reader Copy?

    I have no qualms about reading my 2.0 Fantastic Four #1. If it was 9.0 and up, I would have qualms. When I see a a book described as a reader copy, I think of a low grade copy but not one so poor it will fall apart in your hands.
  8. Dick Pontoon

    FF 48 vs Strange Tales 110 both Keys

    You want to spend $30k+ and are asking a bunch of strangers with your first post?
  9. Dick Pontoon

    Seling Comics - Business Potential?

    Well, if you have to ask which comics over the last 20 years are worth anything: What the key issues are: How to count unbagged comics: And now the business potential for selling comics, I'd wager you're not quite ready to leave your 9-5 and become a full-time comic dealer.
  10. Dick Pontoon

    Ebay changes over the last 12 months

    Without being able to read the ebay message you received to be sure, those messages indicate non-compliance with the Top Rated Seller policy, not general ebay policy. To maintain top-rated status these days, you have to offer 1-day handling time as well as free returns. I’ve been selling car parts as well as funnybooks the last few months. It’s a PITA, but despite working full time I’m unsually able to ship books within that strict time frame. In the real world, that means if somebody places an order on the west coast late at night/early morning, I have between the time I wake up and 4:00 pm to get it in the mailbox. (Scheduling a pickup is not an option.) With bulkier and heavier car parts that require a trip to the P.O., there’s no way I can ship that fast and no way I’ll eat a $25 return on postage for something heavy, so I extended my handling time to 3 days and dumped free returns for those listings, resulting in multiple messages from ebay about top rated seller compliance. My funnybooks display the TRS icon and receive the FVF discount, my car parts do not.
  11. Dick Pontoon

    Ebay changes over the last 12 months

    I believe this only affected certain sellers or sellers who had their listings set up in a certain way. I’ve never encountered this problem.
  12. Dick Pontoon

    Ebay changes over the last 12 months

    Latest change I can remember off the top of my head is that you're forced to choose a publisher from a drop down menu now when listing comics.
  13. Dick Pontoon

    Ebay changes over the last 12 months

    Silly me. Here's the Fall update: https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/seller-updates/2018-fall/index.html
  14. Dick Pontoon

    Ebay changes over the last 12 months

    I think this is the latest. Can't remember if I've seen one for Fall. https://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/seller-updates/2018-summer/selling-metrics-and-shipping.html?utm_campaign=18.2&utm_source=v2_seller-metrics&utm_medium=email#service-metrics-insights