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  1. Turok Son of Stone Collecting Thread !!

    I've been enjoying some Turoks lately, so let's fire this bad boy back up!

    ...and I thought the Heritage thread was going to be the place to be today!
  3. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    Looking forward to the pix!
  4. Marvel Westerns and Romance Comics

    Don't ask me, I've been looking for years...
  5. HULK # 1 CLUB

    This is the same seller discussed recently in the AF #15 Club thread. Storms made note the seller thought that book should grade higher. I noticed he was selling a fair amount of PGX at very optimistic prices (as in way over GPA for CGC graded books). An unknown seller with under 200 feedback selling books for thousands of dollars is not going to lead to an wild, unbridled bidding war, either.
  6. Marvel Westerns and Romance Comics

    Just grabbing what's scanned and handy.
  7. Marvel Westerns and Romance Comics

    I heart Marvel westerns and romance comics.
  8. Marvel Westerns and Romance Comics

    Marvel romance comics! Where else can you find a girl who'll give you a good night kiss and then pull a boner?
  9. Who here remembers the Stretch Monster?

    I had Stretch Monster. Didn't have Stretch Armstrong or Stretch Hulk. Stretch Monster was cooler, anyway.
  10. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Haven't had those yet, but it's been loading as if I were on dial-up.