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  1. My scanner isn't big enough for graded books, but here's my copy of 169!
  2. That being said, I know DC has releases issue #1,000,000 for Batman and Superman
  3. It's a little ridiculous honestly, and 33 covers is over the top. At least DC took the time and effort to release 999 issues of a title before using the mighty "1000th issue"
  4. Ah, so I'm guessing that issue was free then!
  5. Is that a misprint, or were there more copies that didn't include the price?
  6. I'll need to post my Doctor Strange #169 later, but for now, here's my #1
  7. Yeah, but this is the only board that truly matters
  8. Another copy from my Thor collection! I'm a huge fan of the cosmic stories that Thor issues offer.
  9. I haven't noticed that until now! That does look odd.
  10. My collection of Pre-Hero Marvels
  11. I guess I should have called this thread, "Silver Age Ghost Covers"
  12. Hopefully some posts are made! I'm curious as well!