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  1. Santa decided to make an addition to my collection this year!
  2. Picked this up at a con courtesy of @Monster's Lair Comics!
  3. My collection of Pre-Hero Marvels: Journey into Mystery Strange Tales Tales to Astonish
  4. Took me long enough, but here are the scans of JIM 20 and 59
  5. Not really rare so to say, but it's been something I've been keeping an eye out for over the past few years! Just got the villains variant today of Batman 619!
  6. I'm trying to figure out timelines for the different ages of comics. Is there a certain Batman/Tec issue that defines when Batman has entered the copper age?
  7. Really love the color on this cover. I'll need to post a scan of it later!
  8. @Martin Sinescu beat me to the punch, but here's my newsstand copy of Batman 404
  9. Picked these up at a con today! I'll post scans later!
  10. Great looking books! Hoping to get my hands on some GA Batman or Detective Comics at the remaining shows this year.
  11. My scanner isn't big enough for graded books, but here's my copy of 169!