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  1. May have to go to this one next year.
  2. joeypost

    Is grading strict currently?

    I think you should. Just to see if the notes are being applied to the correct book. Seeing it is a 9.0 you have very little to lose.
  3. joeypost

    UPDATE Books RETURNED by CopperAgeKids

    Can you elaborate on this please (With his quadruple Mylar wrap). Thanks.
  4. joeypost

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Picked it up from Richie Evans in Charlotte.
  5. joeypost

    UPDATE Books RETURNED by CopperAgeKids

    He keeps this up, he may find himself roasting over one
  6. joeypost

    UPDATE Books RETURNED by CopperAgeKids

    What's bull is what he charged to press them. Dry cleaning & Pressing Fees on 2 books at $40 per book:$80.00
  7. joeypost

    Chicago Sushi Dinner Friday Aug 24th 8 PM

    Count me in.
  8. Didn't Bob Simans have the same issue with his OO book?
  9. I did a Tomb of Dracula #8 that had 8 covers. That one was a challenge.
  10. joeypost


    Proper storage with lower levels of humidity and air pollution. Not really as once a book is foxed, it is IN the paper and cannot be dry cleaned. Any methods to remove it will likely result in a conserved or restored book.
  11. Graded generally sell better than raw. All the best to you in your endeavor.
  12. Something tells me you already know the answer to your question.