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  1. Not many magazines this time around. Earl Shaw had a bunch of Vampirella 113 and some Treasury Editions, but the rest of the room was dry.
  2. This was a weird Baltimore show for me. Left with 150 books that were all $20 or less. Many were from a dealer selling $3 books that while being unbagged and boarded, were minty fresh.
  3. A great deal of it can be removed safely without getting a conserved or restored grade. CGC lets a great deal of this slide as it was a common practice back in the day. This amount may have little to no impact (.5 at worst). It’s when the ink looks like it was poured on the book that CGC hammers it.
  4. All tears are not created equal, but CGG can detect them all. With that said, you can make the tear more visibly appealing, which could result in a better grade due to the increased eye appeal.
  5. About 8 years ago Earl Shaw brought a bronze/copper/modern collection to Heroes that had multiples of every issue of Godzilla. I purchased 50 copies from him (two complete sets) and had Herb Trimpe sign 1-24 for me. I got many 9.8’s out of both batches Earl was selling them for $1 each.
  6. At the airport. Flight delayed due to weather. Not a big deal as it will eat into my three hour layover.
  7. If pressed correctly, the tear should not be affected.