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  1. If you are not looking to flip you got what you wanted, a nice mid-grade copy. Below is the GPA data based on last sale for 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0. I based my comment on GPA sales and not eBay sales. UNI 7.0 $279540 $288551 $275743 $306611 $3500 UNI 6.5 $222854 $259851 $258043 $280611 $2921 UNI 6.0 $224028 $243535 $230030 $27553 $2900 UNI 5.5 $204637 $220739 $211833 $25838 $2802
  2. If this is the same copy that just sold on eBay, based on recent GPA sales, you would need to get a 7.0 in order to make some money on it. I agree it will bump up if cleaned and pressed properly, but that amount of dirt on the back cover will have to be handled very carefully to avoid ink loss in the black/colored areas.
  3. Out of those ten copies I think I owned 3 of them at one time.
  4. i hope you are correct about the longevity of his career, but I feel he will stick around a lot longer than anticipated.
  5. Was most likely a hard crease that had spots of CT along the crease. Seems mainly colored areas are affected as there would be no need to touch up the white areas.
  6. I sent in a book with minor color touch to have it removed once...14 different areas scrapped off. It looked like bugs got at it.
  7. In the description. There has been some restoration work on this book including edges trimmed, page 10 married and small amount of color touch on cover.
  8. IIRC, didn’t Bob help a friend who was also sick sell off his collection many years ago? I cannot remember the name of the collection, but it was a pretty big deal at the time.
  9. Well said Greg. We all knew how Bob felt about pressing early on, and we would have some emotionally charged conversations about it at shows. Bob would never let anything get to him as we had many of these conversations on how we each felt, but would break bread later on that day as if nothing had ever happened. Very sad day as we have lost another irreplaceable person/friend/collector and voice in the hobby.