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  1. If you sell raw books on ebay, please let us know what name you sell under.
  2. Move to a high, flat desert. The highlands of Peru foot the bill very nicely. In all seriousness, there is little you can do for a catastrophic event like a hurricane, tornado or house fire. For flooding due to a ruptured pipe, local heavy rain fall you can store the books elevated off the floor. For a bad fire there is little that can be done if you have to evacuate the home. Best advice is take every precaution and insure heavily.
  3. Thanks for the link. He committed his crime in my old neighborhood. According to the article he could get out in 2022. 😲
  4. I remember lurking for a long time before joining. I had a friend tell me about comic grading back in 2004, when I was pulling books from his warehouse inventory. First posted in January of 2006. Got reamed by oldguy on my first post (case of mistaken identity) and the rest is history.
  5. Keep in mind most black inks/paint do not show up well under UV light. You need 100x or greater magnification to pick it up.
  6. Additionally, slight color touch is misleading. I had a customer ask me to have restoration removed from a silver age key. Sent it off to Kenny and he said it was hit in over a dozen spots on the book. The book would have been destroyed removing the “slight” color touch to the front cover.
  7. Happens a lot. Remember it goes through a pre-graded and then a finalized. I had a walk-thru book go from Universal to conserved (took 4 days to grade) because they needed a consensus on the level of conservation. It was said the book was given a water bath.
  8. Years ago I remember a low grade AF 15 with no staples that was graded. Maybe they changed their stance since then.
  9. After watching them witness their own signatures in Seattle on year, I wouldn’t trust a single SS book from them.