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  1. Fortunately, I did not need a fusion.
  2. Received 12/6 Got the grades today. I am very happy.
  3. 11 days post op. Nerves are starting to fire stronger now as I am fine one second, and the next I am in agony as these waves of heat move up and down my right leg. First time in a long time I actually can wiggle my toes AND feel them. Pain level is way down as I only take mediation for it just before bed. Pre-op pain was between 8-10 every day. Post-op I am at a 3-4 without meds. I am still very weak, and cannot be up and about for more than 30-40 minutes without having to rest. Am going to attempt a half day of work on Monday. I see the Doctor Tuesday for my first checkup and to remove the staples.
  4. First thing I did. They are not too attractive, but boy do my feet feel good.
  5. Get well soon Bob. We can compare scars at the next show.
  6. LOL. I put this off for about 10 years. While I am in incredible pain, I can feel the difference and, believe it or not I am walking around and doing my physical therapy. Trying not to take the opioids, but it looks like I may need them the first few days, if not for the first week.
  7. I exhausted my shots. Had 3 rounds and they said no more. Learned today I had a laminectomy on 4 of the vertebrae and bone spurs removed on 5 of them. PT was no longer working, so had decided to go under the knife. I have been in what I consider level 8 and up pain since 2006. It was time as I stated earlier that every aspect of my life was suffering. I am only 1 day Post-op and I already see major improvement in the numbness and pain level. While I still have pain from the surgery it is a different pain. If my drainage stops tonight or in the morning I get to go home in the afternoon. Hopefully I get to go home
  8. 8.0 maybe 8.5 of the tear is production related.
  9. Can you take a close up of each side of the tear? You could possibly get it to attach without glue or tape, but it depends on the way the tear occurred.