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  1. joeypost

    pressing question

    As Bob said pictures will help. There are instances where the cover shrinks because it absorbed large quantities of water, add to this wrinkling and sometimes you will be left with very light creases (after a press) due to the multiple issues with the book. If it is just light rippling, a press should take out all the ripples.
  2. joeypost

    Price Variant Club

    And my Hulk 35 centers.
  3. joeypost

    CGC Won't Cover Full Insurance Value

    While your statement is correct 99% of the time, the QC involved with encapsulating the book can have a dramatic impact on the value of the book if the case itself is causing damage.
  4. joeypost

    CGC not picking up from PO box, package returned?

    Now everyone will be marking their boxes.
  5. joeypost

    CGC Won't Cover Full Insurance Value

    That’s what I do. I save thousands on shipping insurance every year with CI. It really is a win win considering the underwriters for books in transit AND that your collection is insured.
  6. joeypost

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Anyone else experiencing this "phenomena". I submitted books (all the same tier) on the same date (1/7/2019) with another group arriving to CGC three business days later on 1/10(still under the same tier of service). All but the very first group of books is not only graded, but shipped safe while the earlier submission sits at verified. Drives me batty.
  7. joeypost

    This Week Back From CGC 10.0?
  8. Obviously there are many factors involved in answering this question. The short answer is yes (if done correctly). Factors that will have a say in how well the book looks after are: have the trace lines broken color, are ink or pencil present, what kind of cover stock are we dealing with, etc. Which book is it? p.s. based on the notes i sounds like a proper press will take out more than just the tracing lines.
  9. joeypost

    Calgary Expo - April 25-28, 2019

    Ticket purchased.
  10. What others have said is the main indicator. While there is damage from chipping, the rest of the edge is very straight.
  11. Books with old tape are problematic. If you want to take a chance, it is your book and you have the right to take the chance, so no one should be dogmatic with their reply. If all you would be out is $50 to see if the book has potential, I say go for it. CCS may come back and say "NO" but at least you will feel better about the overall decision. Only concern is if CCS say yes and proceeds to press the book and the spine splits, or the glue from the tape causes interior pages to stick together. Know all your options.