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  1. Let me clarify further. A universal .5. Qualified would obviously be a higher grade.
  2. I can’t tell if it’s your lighting or if the books are slightly tanned.
  3. Most pressing companies will do a pre-screen for you if asked. Some charge...some don't for this service.
  4. 1. We need a picture of the book or an example of what you are talking about. 2. A mis-wrap cannot be fixed, as the book is already square and what you see is a result of the way the cover was manufactured. To remove that would be to ruin the book.
  5. I don’t want to hinder the deal. If they pass let me know. I don’t think I can live with the writing in the 85, so the 87 would be the only book I am interested in.
  6. May I see some scans of these two? pending scans. 85 9.4 White Old Label $175 87 9.2 White $150
  7. The short answer for the time being is no.