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  1. Looks like it could be wear from improper storage, as many copies of these books sat in boxes with no bags and boards. They are inexpensive enough to find another copy that is higher grade.
  2. Scans would be extra helpful in assessing the books potential. Even a book that is poly-bagged can have issues keeping it out of the NM range aside from the crease from the bag.
  3. It happens from time to time. In my past experiences, they do show up.. I have had boxes delivered that only showed scanned by both FedEx and USPS. On one occasion it took three weeks, and that was within the State of Florida.
  4. Butterflying the book that way to take pictures won't help the spine split (may be an actual tear as it looked jagged to me). I'm in the 3.5 to 4.0 bucket.
  5. Need a scan of the back cover (an all black back cover).
  6. The spine roll can be fixed or greatly reduced. I’m in the vf + club.
  7. Wonder if this is a print run issue.
  8. I haven't used a dehumidifier in a long time, but are there models that don't produce heat as a by product of the process?
  9. You can tell where the price sticker was with most of these books.
  10. Could be SCS, but it doesn't look like typical damage.