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  1. You had to sign a waiver? What's up with the top edge?
  2. Sorry I can’t make it this year. Going under the knife today and will be down all week.
  3. Not completely true. CGC allows a select few to work on SS books.
  4. I would be. Most likely the bulk of the signature is already stuck to the inner well. These pens were the worst idea ever. They look great but NEVER dry completely and remain tacky well after the signing. I need to find it, but I have a picture where the entire signature lifted from the book and remained on the inner well.
  5. You have to know which defects to look for. To be honest, these types of home runs are getting harder to find as dealers and collectors are sending books in to be CPR’d before selling as is. Doesn’t mean you can’t find them, you just have to know where to look.
  6. This might need a second press if sent to someone who knows what they are doing. To many breaks for a 6.0.