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  1. Fu Manchu appeared in 1938 and 1939 issues of Detective Comics, but wasn’t really featured by anyone else in comics after that until 1951 by Avon, likely due to China being an ally of the US against Japan in World War II, and thus companies like Quality, Columbia, and Eastern Color decided to feature what was said to be the more Chinese-friendly character of Charlie Chan.
  2. Also, that mostly hidden issue of Star Comics, I think, is most likely Star Comics #v2#1:
  3. Earliest picture I’ve seen of an Action Comics issue on the stands, along with two other Fred Guardineer DC issues (January 1939, St. Louis).
  4. A comic book rack as it appeared in Tacoma on August 24, 1946:
  5. From Strange Worlds #6 (February 1952, Avon):
  6. Paul Berdanier (Tip Top Comics #107, June 1945):
  7. And even became a sci-fi comic for a time (Famous Funnies #90, January 1942):
  8. Ernest Schroeder (Airboy Comics #58, December 1948):