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  1. Been browsing through a lot of Golden Age comics since last year and noticed many artists that caught my attention. I suppose I’ll go ahead and start with 15 lesser-known favorites: DickRyan Munson Paddock Fred Meagher Al Walker Jim Tyer John Giunta Jack Alderman Harold Delay Charles Quinlan George Appel Paul Berdanier Rudy Palais Harry Anderson Gene Fawcette Everett Kinstler
  2. Art from Crack Comics #12 that has been attributed to Lou Fine: Similar art for the cover of Crack Comics #14, which I’m unsure if it was redrawn by Fine or someone imitating him:
  3. Just discovered Crandall signed this one. Seems that he often didn’t sign his comic work, but it’s nice to have art for comparison for unsigned art.
  4. DickRyan (Star Comics #4, June 1937): Munson Paddock (Speed Comics #9, June 1940): Fred Meagher (Tom Mix Comics #5, January 1941): Al Walker (Planet Comics #14, September 1941): Jim Tyer (Ha Ha Comics #2, November 1943): John Giunta (Air Fighters Comics #v2#2, November 1943): Jack Alderman (Cat-Man Comics #22, December 1943): Harold Delay (Blue Circle Comics #1, June 1944): Charles Quinlan (The American Air Forces #1, 1944): George Appel (Contact Comics #5, March 1945): Paul Berdanier (Tip Top C
  5. Doc Savage and Shadow comic artist Al Bare: http://hlavery.org/?p=940
  6. Tip Top Comics #52 (August 1940, United Feature Syndicate). Art by Paul Berdanier.
  7. The Alter Ego interview with him is certainly welcome, but yeah, he was quite an ambitious artist, profound at times even, whose art is deserving to be found out about more (Airboy Comics #v8#11, December 1951):
  8. Shadow Comics #86 (May 1948, Street and Smith). Art by Bob Powell.
  9. Bulls Eye Comics #11 (1944, Chesler). Art by George Tuska.
  10. Prize: Jack Binder (Prize Comics #15, October 1941): Briefer (Prize Comics #16, November 1941): Maurice Del Bourgo (Prize Comics #43, July 1944): Howie Post (Wonderland Comics #1, Summer 1945): Munson Paddock (Treasure Comics #3, October 1945): Al Bare (Treasure Comics #5, February 1946): Henry Kiefer (Treasure Comics #7, June 1946): Charles Voight (Prize Comics #60, July 1946): Ann Brewster (Prize Comics #64, June 1947): Dan Barry (Treasure Comics #11, Summer 1947): Jack Kirby (Young Roma
  11. Munson Paddock from Headline Comics and Treasure Comics (1945-1946, Prize):
  12. The Challenger #1 (1945, Interfaith Publications). Art by E. C. Stoner.
  13. Gil Kane (Headline Comics #20-22, 1946): Cover I get the feeling was drawn by Kane, but am not as sure:
  14. Prize art I’m pretty sure was drawn by Gil Kane (Headline Comics #20-22, 1946): Cover I get the feeling was drawn by Kane, but am not as sure: