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  1. H. C. Kiefer: Mort Meskin: Ken Hultgren: Lily Renee: Paul Gattuso: Dan Barry: Kurt Schaffenberger: Sheldon Moldoff:
  2. Tommy Troy’s transformation into The Fly from Adventures of The Fly #1 (August 1959, Archie Comics):
  3. From Speed Comics #11 (August 1940, Harvey Comics). Art by Munson Paddock:
  4. And of course, he drew the fourth dimension once again in Fantastic Four #51 (June 1966, Marvel Comics):
  5. Makes me wonder when Kirby learned of the fourth dimension and the cubist/surrealist art that could be influenced by the concept, because he also drew it in Blue Bolt #5 (October 1940, Novelty Press):
  6. Kirby’s art of the fourth dimension from Alarming Tales #1 (September 1957, Harvey Comics):
  7. Mac Raboy: Charles Biro: Joe Doolin: George Tuska: Clem Weisbecker: George Kerr: Bob Fujitani: Gus Ricca: Alex Schomburg: Lee Elias:
  8. Earliest Scrooge McDuck cover that I’ve seen (Walt Disney's Vacation Parade #2, July 1951).
  9. Just for fun, here’s a list of what are probably some of the most frequently appearing characters in Four Color: Donald Duck Bugs Bunny Mickey Mouse Smokey Stover Porky Pig Popeye Elmer Fudd Goofy Pluto Oswald the Rabbit Little Lulu The Little Rascals Chilly Willy Woody Woodpecker Uncle Wiggily The Brownies Roy Rogers Andy Panda Smokey the Bear Frosty the Snowman Tillie the Toiler Daisy Duck Smitty Smilin' Jack Zorro Grandma Duck Little Beaver Mouse Musketeers Raggedy Ann Yogi Bear Lolly and Pepper Bringing Up Father Scamp Johnny Mack Brown Gyro Gearloose Francis Dotty Dripple and Taffy DickTracy Beaver Jiminy Cricket Little Orphan Annie The Little People Uncle Scrooge Francis the Famous Talking Mule Timmy The Gumps Fury The Three Stooges The Little Scouts Barney Google Ricky Nelson The Rebel Little Hiawatha Krazy Kat The Real McCoys Priscilla's Pop Moon Mullins Sugarfoot Andy Hardy
  10. Bill Everett: E. C. Stoner: Sam Cooper: Reed Crandall: Paul Gustavson: Jim Mooney: Al Camy: Jack Binder: Sid Greene: Dan Zolnerowich:
  11. Munson Paddock: Bob Powell: Frank Paul: L. B. Cole: Leonard Dworkins: Bernie Wiest: Will Eisner: Ade de Bethune: Rudy Palais: Matt Baker: Mike Sekowsky:
  12. American Comics Group: John Rosenberger: Ogden Whitney: Kurt Schaffenberger: