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    PGM: FF 52

  2. Back cover looks like it could use a press. Back cover also looks to have a pinhole upper left, it’s not just printing ink. Trying to decide if this would be a good candidate for a press and grading. I appreciate any thought, thanks!
  3. Monstro

    PGM EC Weird Science 13

    4.5 love this cover!
  4. Monstro

    PGM: Conan Comics #23

    Thanks although it’s not a hole, just looks like one. It’s actually just ink, like a printing error.
  5. Monstro

    My CGC Submissions

    This is a fun thread!
  6. Monstro

    Those Damn Comics

    Ha! I check in every once in a while just to see how the hobby is doing but couldn’t resist replying to this thread.
  7. Monstro

    Those Damn Comics

    I remember that