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  1. It sounds as if you don't really like comics in general
  2. Not to mention the strange mask coloring on Avengers #11. But I guess that wasn’t his fault?
  3. At first glance I hated it but the more I look at it the more I think it could be ok. Similar to how I hated ASM 300 first time I saw it but like it now
  4. Awesome collection, must have been fun going through them
  5. I had very similar feelings about my comics 10 years ago, maybe a little longer. But I didn't sell anything, I just stacked the boxes in multiple closets and completely forgot about them. I did not look at them once. If I thought about them I couldn't imagine ever collecting again. About 3 months ago I decided I would finally sell them. Pulled them all out to begin putting together a detailed list of what I have. Next thing I knew I had fallen in love with them again. Haven't sold a single issue, instead I've added about 30 books to my collection. Good times.
  6. Terrible article. Guy’s a subpar clickbait artist.
  7. Assuming the seller is open to offers, how do you calculate what percentage off to ask the seller?
  8. Personal favorite is the King-Size Hulk 1 posted on the front page. That cover is way ahead of its time and Steranko‘s hulk is perfect, never been drawn better
  9. Yeah it’s really strange. Looks no better then a 7.5, if even that high. It’s so grossly over graded it seems like something fishy’s going on, although I’m not sure what.
  10. I haven’t read the entire thread so maybe this has been said. But looks like seller buys graded books, 9.2 - 9.6, cracks them, takes photographs rather than scans so they can’t be compared to graded books, and lists them for what he/she paid or a little above and is hoping people desire to gamble will sell them. Not a terrible idea, I think people really enjoy sending books in and receiving quality grades.
  11. Just noticed there’s a huge thread about the 300 just below mine. , sorry
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I both like the books and I’m definitely speculating a bit. But you make a good point about not jumping on something at the same time as everyone else. At the same time I get this feeling especially about the 300 that it’s going to be one of the easiest books to sell for a long long time.
  13. Part of the reason I’m asking is because after paying some bills I’ve discovered I have about 500 to spend on books. I was going to put it towards my Kirby 4th world collection but these books keep popping into my head and I’m wondering if I should use the cash to pick up the 252 and the MTU 141. I have the 300.