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  1. Straw-Man

    The Cosmic Aeroplane Pedigree Thread

    dissolving some minor runs cost me a few of these; here are the only two currently in the ol' collection.
  2. one of joe's best! won't last long at that price.
  3. Straw-Man

    right to be upset?

    unless it IS damaged; then i hope it's a d.c.
  4. Straw-Man

    What is going on with Prize Comics.

    am told this one is a beyotch. only green lama cover outside his title as far as i can tell.
  5. Straw-Man

    Fiction house anyone?

    anudder one.
  6. Straw-Man

    Fiction house anyone?

    a random one... mile high f.s. in h'tage auction currently, but it's soooo ordinary,
  7. Straw-Man

    Fiction house anyone?

    purty books!! hadn't thought about it, but between jumbo 9-50, closing in on wings 1-20, and a few random books, i've got a decent little pile of 'em as well.
  8. Straw-Man

    the out-of-register run

    first photo off-register. thanks, g.a.tor!
  9. the mile high smell test.