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  1. Strange Tales Collecting Thread !

    great little mini-run, rob!
  2. Strange Tales Collecting Thread !

    love 102; always reminds me of spidey 4 at first glance. love 103 as well, with that purple banner.
  3. Strange Tales Collecting Thread !

    first s.t. upgrade in awhile; thanks, boardie! this'un accomplishes 2 things--fits the 101-134 run AND is in the every-s.a.-spidey-appearance group.
  4. THE PUNISHER on Netflix

    i do like the thomas jane one. and that little pseudo-punisher short he made is outstanding.
  5. HULK vs THOR!!!

    that poll result would be similar to g.a.tor opining that wuerffel was a better qb than elway, imo.

    from the heap to a heap of jrs.
  7. that #1 has a distinguished lineage.
  8. all boys should dig dinosaurs [heehee] and snakes [sha', if that sounds sexist in this day and age, apologies in advance]!
  9. spidey 48 f.s.--spidey 28 added

    the pair for $225.

    mine came from the g.a.tor--i love the colors.
  11. HULK vs THOR!!!

    for a child of the 60's, ff 1 would be the strong suggestion.
  12. Golden Age group shot

    if you don't like that, you don't like funny-books.

    from an awful thing to a kirby thing.
  14. Fiction house anyone?

    i can't make this observation across all the f.h. titles, but i can speak for the early jumbos--a few years ago, when i decided to stretch the 9-20 run out to 30, after which i decided to go out to 40, i was getting the books at very attractive prices. over the last year or so, however, i'm getting badly outbid on just about every book on my want-list below. it's not like the fox craze, but to someone who has regularly run searches for these books over the recent past, it's been pretty eye-opening.