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  1. wasn't crazy about 24 as a kid, now one of my very favorites. same goes for 11.
  2. craggy ben and great blues---what's not to like????
  3. one more. one of my fave covers. 6.0 sold for $630 earlier this year, this'un for $575.
  4. very pretty 24, 6.0'ish, o/w. small split top spine, @3/4" at bottom. $400.
  5. now this is weird. 23 is a great looking book, but has a tape pull ON THE INSIDE FC! it in turn produces the hole you see an inch below sheena's bottom. ow/w pages. 4.5 with the defect, i reckon. $350.
  6. i'll take it on thread trumps pm's. return accepted. $10 s/h domestic, we'll figure up actual if border-crossing needed. paypal fine. 21 is uncommonly red--no f.h. fading at all. it has damp warping, and damage on b.c. that extends inward for a few pages. 3.5'ish, I guess. c/ow pages. only two show up on gpa, and they're no help here. let's say $500 for this rare book.
  7. super! lawd, i love that book, d.c. notwithstanding.