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  1. Fiction house anyone?

    i love 17 as well; just a great cover, great color scheme.
  2. War Comics

    thanks to my buddy roy for this upgrade.
  3. i'll take it on thread trumps p.m. negotiations. p.p. okay. returns okay. s/h on me domestic, on you if not. very pretty 8.0-8.5'ish book, let's call it the low end 8.0 since it is raw. pages gorgeous. gpa from last month $208. let' say $175 here.
  4. i'll take on thread trumps p.m.'s, tho' i invite reasonable counters. s/h on me usa, on you if not. paypal fine. return fine. there is a pretty little run of ogden whitney painted covers in this title, and i was planning on getting them all 'til i sold a couple of 'em--this is the last one in the box. anyway, this is a terrifically cool cover, and book is 8.0'ish with o/w pages. $125.
  5. The Exclusive High Grade Dare Devil #7 Club

    a couple spine-stresses out of the high-grade range, but my little raw, white-paged one is very glossy and pretty, and i've never felt moved toward upgrading it.
  6. Amazing Spider-Man 20 CGC 9.2 - SOLD

    as good as it gets.
  7. this has become the most tedious thread on the boards. let's move on to thor and justice league and hope for great flicks that further invigorate the genre! at least that's what i hope for.