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  1. dogs to dogfaces.
  2. paramount to a pair of mounts.
  3. pretty bowling green copy above. the bowling green rep. in my ped type-set is also a spidey, tho' not nearly as nice as yours.
  4. gorgeous! i love me some ff 7.
  5. what the heck; price drop to $700.
  6. anymore of this and i'll have to charge you; a fee seize.
  7. throne to throne, red number to red number.
  8. headline to headline.
  9. daily press to daily globe.
  10. here's another one. 7.0 sarge 10, o/w pages. tiny, tiny edge tear b.c., or i'd call it an 7.5. $50.
  11. spidey 38. structurally, 9.0'ish, with ow/w pages, but there are moisture drops that disturbed that gloss layer that s.a. marvels have. you can't see them in the scan, but you do when you bounce the light off the cover. maybe 8.0? how 'bout $125?
  12. a pretty book from our newest pedigree. picked up a couple ff's, and don't need this one for the ped type-set any longer. paypal fine. returns fine. s/h on me usa, on you if not domestic. $375.
  13. a little bird told me that one of my wins is fersure upgradable. i probably won't act on it until/unless i sell.