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  1. Dan fedback that he was processing CC refunds but it never happened. Had to file with my CC company for a refund.
  2. Bought an X-men #4. Amazing packaging, professional level! Shipped out quickly and the packaging was better then anything I've seen from a business! Thanks again! -Tony
  3. Another update. Feedback is that the Amazon business is taking up too much time and some comics are stored offsite, which would require too much time to ship. Dan is processing refunds on many orders but giving feedback that the orders will be honored in a couple months when Amazon dies down after the pandemic or he hires an employee. Dan is saying he will reach out when ready.
  4. A bigger question, do these bags get re-sold? You know, recycled for environmental reasons. 😉 I just don't like these bags because you can't dictate where the signature will go. The video on YouTube for the bags even shows the signatures outside of the area allowed by the bag. The concept is great but you need to give the option of where to out the signatures.
  5. Just saw on their website that the recent Alex Ross covers have been added. Struggling to understand how they have bandwidth to add products to their website but not to ship out existing orders or even just to reply to customer e-mails? Will be calling my credit card company to reverse payment, this is not a way to run a business. I'm not happy as several of the books I ordered I could have picked up elsewhere in the meantime. On October 25 I received the following message: "We are back on track and shipping orders again! Your order should be shipping very soon (a week or less).
  6. Does anyone have any updates? I got one e-mail response from BatDan a couple weeks ago promising shipment within 1 week but then ghosted after that. I'm going to file for refunds from credit card company if I do not get feedback by tomorrow.
  7. I e-mailed him about my concerns immediately after placing the order. Should we just send a link to this thread? I'm about ready to order something from them on Amazon just to get a response. What was strange about my order is that only "some" of the items I ordered showed out of stock on the website (short run of Hulk 14-17) other items did not (Thor God of Thunder 1-12). I thought that did not make sense.
  8. I posted in the "Ask CGC" forum, here is the reply: "Thanks for your message. You can only enter one artist per order. Since you already have books in your cart for the Romita signing, you will not be able to add books for any other signing to that same order. You will need to complete your current order and then go back and create a new order for your next artist. You will print out a packing slip for each one and you can send them all in one box but you want to make sure each order is separated and put with the appropriate packing slip. Also, notate on the outside of the box that you h
  9. I'm making a submission to CGC for one of the private signing events. I entered my first 2 books, two ASM 238's for Jon Romita, Jr. event for signatures only, and it is now in my cart. My problem is that when I try to go back and enter another book for a different signature, the form field for the private signing option won't allow me to choose a different creator. It's stuck on Jon Romita, Jr. signature only and I can't select a different artist (or even Jon Romita, Jr remarque). Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Have you received your books? I placed an order today, not feeling optimistic after reading this tread.