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  1. I always thought of Zartan as the "jumping the shark" villain in GI Joe. He was not in the original release of characters and I remember thinking he just didn't fit in with his skills. Storm Shadow was awesome, especially when he became conflicted and seemed to have his own agenda and not just following the Commander. Cobra Commander's character development was pretty shallow also but Destro's was pretty good. My ranking: 1. Storm Shadow 2. Destro 3. Baroness 4. Cobra Commander 5. Zartan
  2. Hi, TTony here, just joined the forum. Worked in a comic store back in the 80's but only bought current titles since then. My biggest regret is meeting Stan Lee in the 80's at a convention and not having any books signed because back then I didn't want to damage my books with the writing! I just opened my collection up recently trying to get my daughter involved, ended up getting me back into it... including a trip to SDCC, lol. Looking forward to learning this "new to me" CGC aspect of the hobby and the "new to me" variants. There was none of that back in the 80's...