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  1. I posted in the "Ask CGC" forum, here is the reply: "Thanks for your message. You can only enter one artist per order. Since you already have books in your cart for the Romita signing, you will not be able to add books for any other signing to that same order. You will need to complete your current order and then go back and create a new order for your next artist. You will print out a packing slip for each one and you can send them all in one box but you want to make sure each order is separated and put with the appropriate packing slip. Also, notate on the outside of the box that you have multiple signings inside or write all the artist's initials on the outside."
  2. I'm making a submission to CGC for one of the private signing events. I entered my first 2 books, two ASM 238's for Jon Romita, Jr. event for signatures only, and it is now in my cart. My problem is that when I try to go back and enter another book for a different signature, the form field for the private signing option won't allow me to choose a different creator. It's stuck on Jon Romita, Jr. signature only and I can't select a different artist (or even Jon Romita, Jr remarque). Am I doing something wrong?
  3. TTony

    Danz Comix

    Have you received your books? I placed an order today, not feeling optimistic after reading this tread.
  4. thank you everyone for the feedback, leaving it as is!
  5. The cb spine stress is barely noticeable in person but is clearly there. There are really no other issues with the book but I guess I won't try for a 9.2. They could not be fixed either. I'm happy with it as is, it's the nicest presenting 9.0 181 I've seen. The imperfections are not visible from more than a foot away and the colors are strong. I guess that's what I thought it might grade higher.
  6. Just purchased, was thinking of resubmitting to maybe get a higher grade (also thinking of resubmitting to get the cool Wolverine label since this one will never leave my PC). I don't have a way to scan the book so took the best pictures possible (nearly impossible to not get shading with a cell phone and slab). The colors on this book are the best on any 181 I have seen, so they should not take away from the grade. I purchased the graders notes and all they say are: "light spine stress lines breaks color". Nothing else on the graders notes. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions!
  7. Like some illuminati stuff?
  8. Picked up on the boards a couple months ago after posting in the wanted section, turned out seller only lives 20 miles from me! Post Covid, planning to meet at a local con.
  9. Wow, that was fast! Nice books, congrats to buyers!