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  1. Haha! 9.9, anyone? I wish higher grade was possible, but with the way prices are currently, lower grade is the only option!
  2. Found one! Funds almost tapped, but still looking for the other books in Canada.
  3. I hope everyone is keeping well! Searching for the following books in Canada --- please reach out and hopefully we can make something happen! I probably wouldn't be able to get them all at once, so first come, first served I suppose! I have solid references, so worry not. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram, as well (same handle). Thanks for looking! JIM83: 2.0-4.0 (Check it out on my Instagram!) ASM14: 3.0-4.0 SC4: 2.0-3.0 MS5: 5.0-7.5 ASM 238: 8.0-9.2 (blue label only) Cheers!
  4. Haha thanks! Key word is some. The AF15 was an upgrade, so I had some money in the pot to begin with after selling my undercopy