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  1. I wanted that ASM 40, but it went for well over my maximum bid. I did score the DD 16 9.4 for a decent price though.
  2. With the holidays upon us, many of us will have friend and family around. Do you ever feel compelled to show off your collection to non comicbook/superhero fans? If so, how do you present your books? How do you talk about them? How do you answer the inevitable question of ‘how much is that worth?’ After all, part of the joy in collecting is sharing that with others. But how do you do so without either boring your audience to tears or boiling it down to cost/value?
  3. I don’t know enough about comic book degradation to be sure, but I would imagine that storage under basic comfortable living conditions would result in a book that never fully fades to black in one person’s lifetime. I guess If I owned one of the last remaining copies of a comic on earth, I would first digitize it. Then I would see what preventative measures I could take to stop further deterioration. But I’m still quite certain I wouldn’t try to ‘bring it back to life’ with a facelift for aesthetic reasons only. And yes, slabbing is certainly a form of preservation. But that is something entirely different. I think of it this way: preservation with CGC is boiling an egg. It looks the same, but you can now only see the outside. Restoration is pulling out all the chemicals, colors, paints, and stickers to make Easter Eggs.
  4. I don’t understand the concept behind comic book restoration. I’m not talking about preserving very rare books for historical purposes. I mean color touch, trims, or other means to bump a boom up a grade or two, only to gain that dreaded purple label. What is the point? Does the grade bump with the purple label generally command more than the same book without the restoration work? I personally prefer to have books in all their loved imperfections. Its kind of like plastic surgery after 60. Everyone can tell what was done and it’s never as good as what would have presented naturally. But I’d love to hear arguments or reasons to the contrary!
  5. You have a lot for sale! Is this your only 9.0 Romita? Or any others?
  6. Thank you Tbone! Does @Jordysnordy collect Spidey too?
  7. I’m open to anything 40-100 (at least 9.0), but specially I want (in order): DD: 16 ASM: 40, 55, 100, 65, 70
  8. Yeah, I know it isn't a "hot" book and there are a million of them. But it represents a significant part of my childhood and love for Spider-Man. And I do like the cover. So if anyone has one to sell, I'd like to avoid Ebay :)
  9. For those who don’t want to fork over the subscription cost of GPAnalysis, does Go Collect offer comparable figures? Overstreet seems way under what the current market sells for. EBay seems a fair gauge. But sometimes it’s nice to have a reasonable reference point for certain items that are offered for sale here or on other auction sites.