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  1. Really interesting because it appears JR SR redrew that image as well! In fact, it seems he did a compilation of a lot of this classic art.
  2. Wow! Great find! Any idea who drew the updated version? I would bet JR Sr, but curious if anyone knows for sure.
  3. I love how the fonts of the title match Spawn and Spider-Man!
  4. Sure there is GPA Analysis, Go Collect, etc, but this is my childhood
  5. (I'm going to get a tattoo and trying to figure out my favorite "classic" Hulk art to select. These two have been my favorites for a while. I'm guessing this is JR SR?
  6. Does anyone know where this is from and if there is an English language version? I’d like to own a copy!
  7. This is what I am offering for ASM 50 9.0 W TRADE only: Daredevil 16, 9.4 OW/W: John Romita's first official Spider-Man art starts with Daredevil 16. This issue marked JR Sr's "trial" on Spider-Man before officially joining the ASM line a couple months later with issue 39. ASM 50, 8.5 OW/W: One of the most iconic covers of all time. Nuff Said. Terms of Sale I do NOT want to sell these. I am looking for a trade only. I simply want to upgrade my ASM 50 to a 9.0 W. It looks like ASM 50 9.0 is worth around $3100. The value of my books total $3600. So anyone who wants to make this trade is probably going to gain some value here. Because the rules state I must also include an asking price, I will sell both together for a total of: $6000. No HoS or probation members. US sales only. Returns: No returns as these are CGC books. Please feel free to ask for further photos. Shipping: books will be sent via USPS. Shipping is $30. Payment: PayPal only. Please PM me for the trade deal.
  8. I have TWO left. For the next 48 hours, I am offering EITHER 10% off the asking price OR free shipping