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  1. Finger crossed for my top 3 celebrity Signature WishList! • Tom Hardy • Micheal Keaton • Woody Harelson
  2. Hello, I was just going over your custom label information and noticed that the Stan Lee label isn't included on the retired section? The reason I looked, is because I have one that I was hoping to get pressed but I don't wanna loose the Stan Label. Would I still be able to keep the label if I send it in to submit for a pressing? Also, I just noticed a few of the new books I'm seeing with the Knull Label don't have the swirl in the grade box?
  3. I just posted in a forum and realized I don't like the screen name I've been given and I don't see where to edit my name? Is this standard to be given a automatic screen name?
  4. So I just received my signed and sketch cover books back from cgc. It has been about a year since I've become a member and this was my 3rd time ever submitting to cgc. All 3 of them came back at 9.6 and none of them have notes. Is that common? To have books be so close to 9.8, with no notes as to why there not? Next concern, on my very 1st submission, I turned in 3 books. One of which had the wrong info on the label giving credit to another artist but was signed by the cover artist. The label had given credit to artist signature but not the cover. How could that happen? Nobody 2nd checks
  5. So I just found out about a LCS doing a Absolute Carnage event with the artist Ryan Stegman. I would really love to get some comics signed and would like to sumbit them for Sscgc. I called the shop and they didn't plan on having cgc come out and I've reached out to cgc also, which told me to go to the forums for answers. So here I am wondering what I need to do to get some books from this event authenticated for submission to cgc. Please and thank you for any help you could share!!