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  1. I just sent in my first submission. I collected heavily in the 80's to mid 90's. I sent in copies of New Mutants #87 and 98, Amazing Spiderman 252, and Marvel Super Special #1 (the legendary KISS comic). I remembering paying $1.05 for NM #98 when it came out and never took it out of the bag. Everything look liked it was in great condition. Now the wait game is on.
  2. Hey now! I don’t do any posting, blogging, or social media, so this is pretty new to me. I just submitted, via USPS, 4 comics to be graded for the first time. As a kid in the 80’s, my favorites were G.I. Joe, Batman, and X-men (and other mutant related titles). I was also into most major Marvel titles as well. I stopped collecting new comics when I joined the Navy in the mid 90’s. Now I dabble in some new issues, but mostly collect titles from the past. I used to live in San Diego and attended Comic Con every year from 2001-2013. It was sad watching the number of comic dealer booths dwindle each year. USPS tracking says my packaged was delivered to an agent, whatever that means. I now anxiously await to see what grades my submissions will receive. They have been bagged/boarded from 20-40 years so I remain hopeful.