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  1. I don't understand why this slab/process ever even went into production out of the test environment. I sure don't understand why CGC isn't addressing this. This has been going on for so long now... Just got my Marvel Spotlight 28 back today. Guess what... And it has plenty of friends. Ugh
  2. I started to count the number of ways to go about making money, and still having time for life, that would be easier than establishing a presence and building a comic certification business. I kept losing count. There are just so many...
  3. My business days were way challenging (and are now past) but, no. I'm outtie. I could NEVER handle the organized chaos of the grading business. BUSY and ya gotta figure the margins are tight. Nope. Happy being a client. My only role is to stay outta their hair and be patient when the times call for that. Having my one order chased down because I'm pressed would just slow the whole process down. Multiply that by maybe 100s of clients...and then everyone has a problem... No. I'm good with this part of the biz/hobby because, green as I am here, I do understand this part. Due to all the work that's required and the incoming volume, 'stuff' takes time, yo.
  4. SAWEEEET! Status: Finalized / Imaged / Shipped Order #: CGCxxxxxxxxxxxx Received: 9/4/19 Shipped: 9/30/19
  5. Ok. I can understand that. Then why have the art/book graded and encapsulated? There are far better ways to display art.
  6. Ok... Look at the FMV of any book and compare the value of a 9.8 as opposed to a 9.6. You could start w/ Moon Knight #25 Vol 1. To say that the graded quality of any collectable doesn't matter misses a material aspect of the hobby/business. https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/143190 Grade FM Value Last Sale Recent 9.8 $500 Sep 2019 25 Sales 9.6 $160 Sep 2019
  7. While I have sent in stuff like 32 33 37 Werewolf and the Hulk with Wendigo, cameo Wolverine, yeah. I'm talking about books that may well hit a 9.8 without the pressing. I've had too many books come back 9.6 when I, the owner lol, saw them as 9.8s. Not to mention even the slightest thing can happen to your book between the time it leaves your hands, and the time the grader first picks it up. Just makes sense to me but. Being green. Want to hear what others do. Thanks CR. As far as the older books go, that's my understanding too. If the staples aren't solid, the pages are brittle, there's already a lot of shadowing etc, you can do more harm than good, in pressing.
  8. Except for the material additional amt of time it takes, doesn't it make sense to pretty much have every book submitted for grading, pressed? In for a penny. In for a pound, and the difference between a possible 9.8 and a 9.6 is huge... Any offerings of wisdom will be appreciated.
  9. Thanks to all for their insight. Here are additional pics. I believe that all the pink comes from inside the book. But Pontoon's correct. There some loss of color, most noticeably in the black on the cover. I believer the book to be a relatively accurate representation of what it looked like on the shelf. Too many production and production handling flaws I reckin.
  10. Looking closer. That's exactly what it is. It's bleed through from the inside inks. If the book gets a pass on a lot of that, I agree about the 9.2 or so at best. Unfortunately, not worthy of having graded. Thanks, Karl.
  11. Is this something the dry cleaning portion of having the comic pressed could help? Such a waste if it's a lost cause...
  12. Can someone help me? My Tomb of Dracula #35 is close to perfect EXCEPT for the light, but very noticeable, pink splotches on the back. They are no where else on, or in, the comic. I'm wondering what hit the book might take in grading because of this. Thanks for your time.