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  1. How is he not losing money after the grading fees and shipping? Who does this
  2. I just saw this on the bay. He has 4 of them listed. Are these heating up?
  3. This copy, if I'm not mistaken, was the first book I ever bought on the boards.
  4. At the time, I was hoping to find a slightly higher graded copy, but I really liked the sig & sig placement.
  5. Picked this one up a few months ago.
  6. I feel the need to post this one too...
  7. I can post the copies i used to own
  8. From Inside the Pharaoh's Tomb to inside the iron mask
  9. OMG i wish I could buy all three of these Incredible Books
  10. I just read in another thread that X-Men 6 in 9.4 is a book that is really heating up What are the chances that one is available right now!! Somebody as to scoop this up!!
  11. Great Seller. Perfect communication. Immediate shipment. Great packaging. Thank you very much Lee!