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  1. Hi Im curious how much does a missing value stamp effect the grade of a copy of hulk 181 or does it just give it the green Qualified label. Example let’s say there is a copy of hulk 181 graded at 7.5 and if the same copy if the value stamp is removed how much does it lower the grade. Are does it stay a 7.5 just which a green Qualified label now. I’m know value wise it’s worth a lot less because it’s Incomplete.
  2. So when a hulk 181 is missing the stamp how much does it lower the grade? Or does it just get a green label and doesn’t lower the grade
  3. Haha that’s funny true story in fact bout 8 years ago I broke my toes running barefoot chasing a guy who stole some of My comics among others things when my house was robbed. He got away
  4. Thanks in Advance for yalls time. what do y’all think?