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  1. Superman 8 CGC 5.5 with off white pages from 1941. Beautiful early single digit Superman book. Looks much nice than the grade due to the detached centerfold. I upgraded my copy, so this one is up for sale. Pricing this at $1750. I’m also interested in buying or trading for early Superman issues 2 through 26 in higher grades. The fun stuff!!!!! USPS insured, Priority, shipping to the US is $40. I’m happy to use your prepaid label too. Payment by PP, USPS MO or check (MO and checks must clear before shipping). Msg me if other pymt options are avail. No return
  2. Rick (New Force) scored me a #17! Just need a 21 now and some possible upgrades.
  3. Thanks, saw that. I have a 6.5 already. Thank you as well. I have a 6.0 already, I’d like to upgrade to a 7-7.5.
  4. Looking for a nice Supes 21 in a 7-8.0. There are a handful of others that I would like to upgrade too between #3 and 25. If you have any early books in the upper mid grade, please lmk. Thanks!
  5. Here’s another. I thought trimmed was no longer considered restored. eBay seller is asking 3250 for it. Def not a restored price. Too bad it’s trimmed, cuz I love the book.
  6. I find it too hard to find comics with no search function. Just a screen name search from what I know.
  7. There was a cover recreation sold on HA with the following description: Jack Burnley Batman #9 Cover Re-Creation Illustration Original Art (1990). This Jack Burnley original art is a loving re-creation of the all-time classic Fred Ray and Jerry Robinson cover from 1942. Bold and striking, it is every bit as effective in black and white as it was on the full-color comic cover. Rendered in ink and marker over graphite on Bristol board with an image area of 14.75" x 20.5". It is signed and personalized in the lower margin. Matted to 19.5" x 27". In Excellent condition.
  8. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Same here. A cpl went for lower than I hoped, but a few went for more than I expected. Overall I was happy too. As for bidding, everything I wanted went for more than I expected/hoped.