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  1. Have a question about that event though, say there's books I'd want signed by multiple artists that arent listed as combined sig prices, how does that work out? Specifically the ones I would be looking for would be milgrom and romita.
  2. Try ropewalk, or if you dont mind driving or taking an uber, there's a rib place called corner stables maybe a 10 to 15 min drive from inner harbor, the best ribs and crab cakes I've ever had. Worth the drive getting there 100%.
  3. Any help on this one? Minor edge wear, no tears. Has a minor crease on back cover maybe an inch long on the corner but no tearing. Some page yellowing. Minor spine roll and some ticks along the spine but no color loss that I can see. Shiny cover with no scratches etc. Picked this up from a guy who bought it about 25 years ago and hasn't been removed from the bag/board and top loader it was in since then. Debating to get it graded, unfortunately my local shop stopped being a cgc participant so I might have to wait a couple months til the next con to submit it.