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  1. X-Force #2 cgc 9.8 newsstand just sold on eBay for $130+. Multiple copies of cgc 9.8 direct on eBay for BIN of less than $60.
  2. I was looking at another Copper key today. GPA lists 91 sales of X-Men #266 since March 19th. 81 of the sales were for $320 to $500, 10 of the sales were for $610 to $950. That's a pretty big hole from $501 to $609 without a single sale. If you throw out the $610 sale, then the hole grows to $150. Anybody wanna guess which sales were Direct and which were newsstands?
  3. Picked this up for 50 bucks at Pedigree's latest auction. Then I saw that CGC is holding a Mike Zeck In-House private signing in August. I think I'll send this in for a Squish & Sig. and see what happens. Another recent acquisition.
  4. This ratio seems similar to other Copper newsies as well. Checked Ebay listings for Cap'n A. Annual #8 and found 99 listings total (69 direct - 30 newsstand). When raising the bar to just 9.0 or above the ratio jumped to 22 direct vs 3 newsstand. At uber 9.6/9.8 high grade the ratio jumped again to 13 direct vs 1 newsstand.
  5. You like that? Latest auction win. I paid $25 LESS (16.7%) than last 12 months GPA (9 sold).
  6. Latest newsstand purchase. I paid $2 LESS then last 12 months GPA and a whopping $31 (24.4%) LESS then last 90 days GPA (10 sold).
  7. Latest auction win. I paid a $27 premium (26.2% over last 12 months GPA).
  8. Here's my latest copper newsstand auction win. I paid a $16 premium (22.8% over last 12 months average GPA).
  9. The Roadkill sammich w/maggots can be found along your local freeway, the tossing salad at the airport restroom or local shady bar round last call and the trashcan with the half eaten cheesesteak was somewhere in NYC. The scale doesn't have to be things you've actually tried, it could be things you've seen. Because lets be honest, we have all seen things that we wish we could unsee.
  10. Using this as a starting point, what would the rest of the scale look like? CGC .5 Roadkill Sammich w/maggots. CGC 1.0 Tossing a Salad w/ballsweat vinegarette dressing & famundercheese crumbles. CGC 1.5 Half eaten Cheesesteak in trashcan like that raccoon found on the Geico commercial. CGC 2.0 ?????? Jesus,..........am I really this bored.