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  1. Hello, I would like to request a score adjustment for Green Lantern #87 (date: 12/71 - 01/72). Current 9.4/9.6/9.8 point values are 420/700/1120 respectably. The 2019 average GPA selling price was $849 for 9.4 with 9 sold. The 2018/2019 average GPA selling price was $1,268 for 9.6 with 7 sold and $2,445 for 9.8 with 5 sold. Thanks. Score Updated. Thank you
  2. Hello, I would like to request a score adjustment on Aliens #1 and #2 (Dark Horse 1988). The 2018 average selling price on GPA for Aliens #1 in 9.8 was $607 with 4 books sold, 2019 average was $624 with 5 books sold. No current sales (2016 was last reported sale) are listed on GPA for Aliens #2 in 9.8. However, a 9.8 copy sold in ComicLinks June 2019 auction for $1,156 and another copy sold in ComicLinks Sept. 2019 auction for $716. Aliens #2 is also more scarce in 9.8 grade than all the other books in the series. There are #1 - 36 copies, #2 - 7 copies, #3 - 37 copies, #4 - 26 copies, #5 - 15 copies, #6 - 20 copies. Thanks. Scoring updated for Aliens #1. Can you please provide screenshots of the auction results for Aliens #2. I am not finding any previous sales therefore, I cannot update at this time. Thank you
  3. Hello again, sorry to be a pest but I just checked and score is still unchanged. The current score for X-men #101 (10/76) in 9.6 is listed at 6579. Im o.k. if this is correct, I'll just add #101 to my want list with #94 and #100. I just want to make sure the score is correct before I do. Thanks. It seems to be reflecting at this time. It may have taken a bit to update. Please let me know if you are still seeing an error. Thank you
  4. Hello, The score on X-Men #101 was increased to the point that a 9.6 copy of X-Men #94 (6375) is valued less than X-Men #101 (6579). The point value for #101 in 9.6 was increased from 1170 to 6579. Is this correct? Thanks. Hello, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The current score for X-men #101 (10/76) in a 9.6 was listed at 3759 but I just dropped it to 1250. I am not sure where the numbers were originally pulled from but they were too high. Unfortunately, there are not many recent sales of this book. The UK variant has been more active which makes it more difficult to price. The X-Men #94 will stay the same which is 6375 for a 9.6.
  5. Nope, must be the scanner. It looks like there may be another crease along the spine just below "A Tough Nut to Crack" but that must be the scanner also. I am looking at the slab now and the spine is perfect.
  6. Just back from CGC. I thought both of them had a great shot at 9.8.
  7. The crown jewel of my collection. Wrightson at his best!!
  8. Hello, Please add to: Set: Aliens, Predator & AVP (1988-1990) Set: Aliens (1988) Book: Aliens #1 (4th printing) cgc #1334624013 Book: Aliens #1 (3rd printing) cgc #0352523003 Book: Aliens #1 (2nd printing) cgc #1995674002 Thanks!