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  1. Nope, must be the scanner. It looks like there may be another crease along the spine just below "A Tough Nut to Crack" but that must be the scanner also. I am looking at the slab now and the spine is perfect.
  2. Just back from CGC. I thought both of them had a great shot at 9.8.
  3. The crown jewel of my collection. Wrightson at his best!!
  4. Hello, Please add to: Set: Aliens, Predator & AVP (1988-1990) Set: Aliens (1988) Book: Aliens #1 (4th printing) cgc #1334624013 Book: Aliens #1 (3rd printing) cgc #0352523003 Book: Aliens #1 (2nd printing) cgc #1995674002 Thanks!