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  1. Hello Matt, could you please update Thor #337, specifically the Canadian Price Variant scores. A Thor #337 in 9.8 is currently worth 440 while the CPV is worth 320 despite being 20 times more rare in 9.8 (1216 vs 61 graded in census). GPA average in CGC 9.8 is $667 (24 sold) and $803 (9 sold) for the CPV. Thor #338 (classic cover swipe) and Thor #339 (1st Stormbreaker) could probably use an update as well. CGC 9.8 copies of both go for over $100. Also please update the CPV scores on these 2 issues as well as 9.8 copies sell for over $150. Thanks!
  2. Recent additions: Nice looking APV going to CGC soon. I'll post after pics.
  3. Hello, could you please do the same for issues #21 & #25 as well. Thanks! Both standard issue scores decreased and CPV increased. Please note that #21 only had the standard issue so I had to add the CPV.