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  1. I just threw-up in my mouf a little. 82 copies, all newsstand.
  2. If it's a 9.8 candidate yes, otherwise probably not. Still a cool book.
  3. The Squish/No Squish Chronicle: Before and After as promised Sent this in for press & re-grade. I wasn't sure what to expect as I had read a wide variety of opinions on HALO grading. Then I get the news that it can't be pressed due to the 3D cover, (guess I'm a little behind the curve). In this instance the HALO grade was spot-on. Highest graded on the census!
  4. The first 10 issues of the Bronze Age run are what hooked me on comics. Superhero comics were just too cheesy and campy for me. In Swamp Thing, many mofos died, no camp or cheese, just dark and thrilling. Those issues will always hold a special place in my heart. Wein & Wrightson at their best!
  5. Thanks Captain Killjoy, I know if they missed mine (twice) that there are probably several out there but until noted on the census or somebody sees em.....................1 of 1.
  6. The Squish Chronicle: Before & After as promised. I noted on the submission form that it was a CPV. I even sent them an e-mail as soon as it was listed on the website but alas, the snapper-heads at CGC failed to notate it on the label as a CPV, AGAIN!! 1 of 1. How cool is that?
  7. Well.............I sent this book in for a squish and re-grade. Checked the website today and it has shipped. It's coming back to me graded NM/M 9.8! That means I own the only 9.8 Swamp Thing #21 CPV on the census!! However, I also sent in a Silver Surfer #50 APV in with it. On the website the Silver Surfer is listed as an APV but the Swamp Thing #21 is not listed as a CPV so me thinks it snuck thru AGAIN without being labeled a CPV even though I listed it as such in the submission form. I tried sending them an e-mail to alert them of this possible error but they said that it was alr
  8. Newest addition, I basically traded an Aliens #1 cgc 9.6 that I paid 50 bucks for back in 2012 and a Detective #425 cgc 9.4 that cost me $82, also in 2012, for it. Both comics were under copies in my collection. I sold both on eBay in the last 10 days for almost exactly what I paid for this CPV Star Wars #68.
  9. Hi Matt, Please update the score for Star Wars #68. GPA average for 9.8 copies is $1764 (11 sold), the most recent sale was for $2201 so this book is still trending up. Please also address the CPV score as these sell for a premium over regular newsstand & direct copies. Wouldn't hurt to look at Star Wars #42 as well, 90 day average GPA in 9.8 is $2597 (14 sold) with the most recent sale at $3,383. Scores updated on 4/5/21. Thank you