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  1. Muno42


    Another great transaction with Ed. Always recommended.
  2. Another great purchase from Azkaban!
  3. @Prince Namor Thanks for the many really good posts without the venom and outright dismissal of Stan.
  4. Same with me. As an adult I could appreciate Kirby. And then I saw his pencils. Most inkers just did not know what to do with them. Sinnot seemed to get the best line out of them and Colletta managed to replace the most with blanks. I wish Kirby work could have been printed direct from pencils.
  5. Thank you for that moment of clarity.
  6. Since the first Suicide Squad was clearly a WB attempt at a GOTG like movie, it makes sense they would leave Gunn alone. I think the pitch meeting where Gunn lists his Squad and then explains Starro appears may be better viewing than the first film.
  7. King of the Monsters was a pretty weak story, but the upgraded versions of Rodan and Ghidora were very good. Plus more monsters = more monster screen time. The first 2/3 of G vs K was slow. The first fight is almost entirely in the trailers. Then there are plotholes that just glare at you.
  8. You do you and buy what you like. Perhaps it is time to find another topic of discussion with your friend.
  9. The barber shop scene in Mississippi Burning gets you amped up. "This is tricky! Heh, heh, heh..." is one of my favorite lines ever.