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  1. No. I have no interest in "selling" NFT's NFT is not for me.
  2. On the earlier issues of Warlock, Jim did tighter pencils than on the later issues, with the exception of #15.
  3. Hey All, I have several pages of Frank Miller Sin City art on my site for sale. These pages have NEVER been offered for sale before and thus are fresh-to-market. Click HERE to see the art. Any questions? Email me at or or call at 845-246-0952 Thanks for looking and have a great week. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  4. Not a blue print. You need to read the description before posting Frank would do rough blue pencil layouts, then go over the page in pencil. The Art was published from pencils. MI
  5. Good Afternoon All, I have a new selection of Michael Kaluta art on the website.Great covers, illustrations, pages and drawings for sale.Click HERE to see the new selection of art.Any questions? Email me at or call at 845-246-0952.Always looking for consignments.Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a great week.Best,Mitch ItkowitzGraphic Collectibles
  6. Just a little reminder that the sale on Kaluta art ends tonight at midnite eastern time. Click HERE to see whats on sale. Thanks for looking. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  7. Good Evening All, From today till the end of January, I’m offering a 10% discount on all Michael Kaluta art. Click HERE to see all the great Kaluta art. Any questions? Call me at 845 246-0952 or email Always looking for consignments. Thanks for looking and be careful out there. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  8. You positive you’re talking about me? You’re sure you’re not confusing me with someone else?
  9. Thanks, Grapey. I've been called a lot of things, Mentor isn’t one of them.
  10. Will, I’m surprised at your naïveté. Did you really expect anything different from three ART DEALERS? MI
  11. Probably 20+ years ago, my friend and I went to Gene’s place. I bought a bunch of pages and my friend bought the Iron Man #1 cover. he sold it later (through me) to pay for his kids schooling.
  12. Happy Holidays Everyone! I've just added 3 exciting originals to my site. First is the cover to The Atom #37 by Gil Kane and Sid Greene. It's the last Kane cover in the run, and only the 3rd Kane Atom cover known to exist! Also first appearance of Major Mynah! Second is an early page by Gil Kane and Joe Giella from Green Lantern #8 pg.15 from 1961. Not many originals from early issues available for sale. Lastly is an original movie poster comprehensive drawing for "My Fair Lady" by Bob Peak. While there are several versions around, they don't turn up offer in the wild. Here's y