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  1. It was a lot longer than 20 years ago. More like 25-26.
  2. The sale on Michael Kaluta art on my site ends tonight at 11pm Eastern time. Click HERE to see the art on sale. Thanks for looking. Best, Mitch Itkowitz
  3. Good Afternoon All, From September 7th through September 14th, I'm having a sale on all of Michael Kaluta's originals. Click HERE to get to Michael's art. Any questions? Give me a call at 845-246-0952 or email at Thanks for looking and have a great week. Always looking for consignments. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  4. Alex Nino is one of the Philippine”s most talented artists. The images that come from his mind are translated into illustrations and comic art of worlds far away, magnificent battles, beautiful women, savages, and much more.I’m pleased to offer a selection of Nino art from the mid 1970s, which I contend was his peak period.All but one original are published in the book, “Satan’s Tears: The Art of Alex Nino” in 1977. Satan’s Tears remains, after 43 years, the definitive book of Nino’s work.Check out the originals HERE The scans, as good as they are, don’t do justice to the originals.Just one other thing.......The color originals, while drawn with colored markers, HAVE NOT FADED IN OVER 40 YEARS!So, if you’re thinking about buying one, don’t let the fact that the art is drawn in markers. If you take care of it, the markers will last another 40 years. Any questions? Give me a call at 845-246-0952 or email at Thanks for looking. Have a great week and be careful out there.Always looking for consignments. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  5. Good Evening All, Richard Bickenbach (1907-1994) was a mainstay in the animation business for over 40 years. Starting at Warner Brothers in the mid to late 1930s, he worked as an animator on the Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes shorts for the top cartoon directors In 1947 Bickenbach moved to MGM and spent 10 years there animating close to 80 Tom and Jerry cartoons. He moved to Hanna-Barbera and became one of their first employees and was there for almost 2 decades as their main layout artist, influencing the style for many of their characters. Bickenbach is credited with many of the studios early model sheets and character designs. On the website you will find a wealth of very early layout drawings of most of your favorite Hanna-Barbera characters. Some of these drawings were featured in the exhibition at the Norman Rockwell Museum Hanna-Barbera show in 2016. These layout drawings, which all came from the Bickenbach files, are being made available for sale, some for the first time. You can own a piece of early Hanna-Barbera animation history for very reasonable prices. Click HERE to see these great drawings. If you have any questions, please feel free to call at 845-246-0952 or email at Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  6. Good Afternoon All, Hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times.I've added all the Michael Kaluta art I have on hand and also added a couple of early Dave Sim Cerebus pages.See the Kaluta art HERE.See the Dave Sim art HERE.Any questions? please feel to call me at 845-246-0952 or email at datartdealer@gmail.comAlways looking for consignments.Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a great and safe rest of the week.Best,Mitch ItkowitzGraphic Collectibles
  7. CGC does not authenticate comic book art, just sketches. I doubt there is anyone there qualified to authenticate Ub Iwerks Art. If you send me a PM with scans, I will show a friend, who is quite knowledgeable on the subject Mitch
  8. Good Morning All, I've updated our website with a new selection of Strip art. Click HERE to see the art. Artists include Sam Leff - Curley Kayoe Edwina Dumm - Tippie Bill Keane - Channel Chuckles Bill Holman - Smokey Stover Frank O'Neal - Short Ribs Chester Gould - Tracy Jerry Robinson - Jet Scott Al Williamson - Secret Agent Corrigan Raeburn Van Buren - Abbie an' Slats Fred Lasswell - Snuffy Smith George Wunder - Terry and the Pirates Walter Berndt - Smitty Roy Crane - Buz Sawyer Howie Schneider - Eek & Meek Alfred Andriola - Kerry Drake Mel Casson - Mixed Singles Frank Johnson - Beany Gary Trudeau - Doonesbury Dik Browne - Hi and Lois Carl Ed - Harold Teen Johnny Hart - B.C. Mort Walker - Boner's Ark Russell Myers - Broom Hilda Mel Keefer - Mac Divot Irwin Hasen - Dondi Fred Fredericks - Mandrake Frank Robbins - Johnny Hazard Charles Flanders - The Lone Ranger Any questions? Give me a call at 845-246-0952 or email me at Thanks for looking. Have a good week and be careful out there. Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  9. Good Afternoon All, While there are many Neal Adams covers in collections and for sale, very few are as iconic as the Superman #252 cover. Superman #233, "Kryptonite Nevermore!" comes to mind.Penciled and inked by Adams, the cover features a large figure of Superman as well as quite a few, mostly Golden Age characters, flying along with Superman.The central figure of Superman was featured on quite a bit of Superhero merchandisefrom the 1970s through the 1990s.Click HERE to see the cover and information.Any questions, please feel free to email me at or call at 845-399-7312.Thanks for looking and be safe out there.Best,Mitch ItkowitzGraphic Collectibles
  10. Good Morning All, I have added a nice selection of Michael Kaluta Covers and Illustrations to the website. Click HERE to see the new art. Any questions, give me a call at 845-246-0952 or email at Also, please check out the sale we have on all Newspaper Strip Art. Thanks for looking and keep safe. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  11. I think the Infantino cover being one of the weaker ones, actually sold for a respectable price. The Romita unpublished Spider-Man page, when I was selling it at San Diego last year, was priced at $20,000. At $9000+ it’s about where it should have sold. The Kirby Kobra is a great drawing of an incidental character. I was offered the drawing and passed, but it so,do for about what I told the owner what it was worth. MI
  12. I am extremely proud and honored to announce that Michael Kaluta and I will be working together for the sales of some of his original art. Michael, as everyone knows, in one of the foremost illustrators of Fantasy art in the world. And he's also a great guy! The first originals I'm offering are from Michael's 1994 Tolkien Calendar. These paintings are breath-taking in person and must be seen to appreciate them. Michael has never offered these paintings before now. The paintings he did sell, were sold privately to one collector. The remaining have been on Michael's wall since 1994. Click HERE to see the offerings. Any questions? give me a call at 845-246-0952 or email me at Thanks for looking. Have a nice week and be careful out there! Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles