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  1. Yup, I have an Andru/Esposito page from Brave and Bold 89 page for sale.
  2. I have no more published pages, but I do have 300 layout art that is full size on tracing paper.
  3. I just got in a pretty nice Cooke Illustration. Email me for more info Mitch itkowitz
  4. Hey All! My San Diego Comic-Con Update is now live! Click HERE to see all the new art. Thanks for looking. Best, Mitch
  5. I like the Ric Estrada/Wally Wood All-Star Comics #58 page. If I were still collecting, and anyone else had it for sale, I would have bought it.
  6. It's San Diego Comic Con Preview time again! Our booth is at the usual spot, 4413. Thank you to all my consignors. This show would not be possible without you. Thank you for your support. This year, as last year, I will list all the artists whose work has been consigned to me, I have also added over 180 originals to the site. You can't see them yet. I will make the art live on Thursday morning, July 18th San Diego time. This will give the Comic Con buyers first shot at the art, and also taking into consideration the buyers not going to the show. Please don't email or call asking for scans. I will not send any before the art goes live. I will send an email blast again, with a link to the "What's New" page Thursday morning once all the art is live. If you are going to the show and wish to consign art to us there, please feel free to contact me and let me know. The list of artists include, in no particular order..... Bill Everett John Romita Sr. Paul Gulacy Don Heck Frank Cho Geoff Darrow Al Williamson John Byrne Mike Deodato Ross Andru Michael Golden David Mazzucchelli Garcia Lopez Michael Avon Oeming Matteo Scalera Jim Aparo Walt Kelly Frank Robbins Bill Sienkiewicz Rich Buckler Mark Buckingham Jim Calafiore Tom Raney Gene Colan Dave Gibbons Tom Grindberg Gil Kane Curt Swan Ron Lim Val Mayerik Joe Kubert Kelley Jones George Herriman Mico Suayan Mark Texiera Leinil Francis Yu Jerry Bingham Sergio Aragones Chris Batista Carmine Infantino Dave Bullock Steve Rude John Byrne Ian Churchill Neal Adams Steve Ditko Kevin Eastman. Mike Sekowsky Tony Harris Mac Raboy Jaime Hernandez Wally Wood Brett Booth Scott Koblish Rick Leonardi Bob Montana J.G. Jones Ron Lim Gonzalo Mayo Carlos Pacheco Sal Buscema John Buscema Leonard Starr Frank Miller Ken Steacy Barry Windsor-Smith Tom Sutton Rafael Auraleon. Jose Gonzalez Esteban Maroto Kyle Baker Kevin Nowlan Joe Quesada Mort Drucker Dan Jurgens Will Eisner Jim Steranko Berke Breathed Matt Wagner Lynn Varley Werner Roth Marie Severin George Perez John Romita Jr. Mark Schultz Dave Stevens George Tuska Wayne Boring Russ Heath Ramona Fradon Bernie Wrightson Ron Wilson Ernie Bushmiller Mel Keefer Alex Raymond Bob Powell And much more... Thank you for looking. I’ll be back Thursday morning. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles 845-399-7312
  7. Hey All, This is the last call for consignments for San Diego Con. If you’re thinking of consigning, I would need the art by July 8th, or you can drop off consignments at my booth, 4413. PM me, or email me at for more information. Thanks, Mitch Itkowitz/Graphic Collectibles
  8. Bumpity bump bump The dreaded deadline to consign is rapidly approaching! Thanks, Mitch Itkowitz/ Graphic Collectibles
  9. I knew it was a forgery. I wanted other opinions. It is being offered on Liveauctioneers, the land of forged art.
  10. No. The Layton says “after Kirby”. so there is probably a legit pencil drawing of iron man out there.