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  1. Yes, Frank is still with us. You’re thinking of someone else.
  2. I’m 99% sure the Brunner art is not from Frank. I was working with him years ago, and said he had none of that art by then. I had found a pile of his art at Marvel years ago and bought it from him. Some of that art has been in the auction. Tony Dispoto also had a number of covers and splashes back in the mid/late 70s.
  3. Good Afternoon All, Just added a bunch of Michael Kaluta interior pages from Chaos War: Chaos King, Fear Itself: Fearsome Four, Marvel Zombies Vol.5 and Tom Strong's Terrific Tales. Click HERE to be taken to the new Kaluta art. I have also dropped prices for a limited time on the following originals. Clink on the text below to be taken to the art. Alfredo Alcala - Flash #129 partial Recreation Darwyn Cooke - Hot Dirty Fat Chick Commission Guy Gilchrist - 2 Nancy Dailies Gonzalo Mayo - Vampirella Sketch Cover Dan DeCarlo - 1973 Betty Pin-Up Don Rosa - Scrooge McDuck Commission S
  4. You can try to contact Zaddick Longenbach via his CAF page. He used to work for IH.
  5. Professional = Anyone who sells a page of art thinks they are.
  6. Of course dealers are going to tell you it’s overpriced! They want to keep you away. This way they can buy it and charge more.
  7. Seems to be a lot of thought for an unpublished strip. The numbers on the strips are simply the numbers the artist put on them for their order. Virtually no retail value. An unknown artist swiping other strips to come up with one of his own. The road is littered with unproduced strips, most by known artists.
  8. It’s much easier to give insights and estimates AFTER the auction, than having to actually think and give insights concerning estimates BEFORE the auction. It gives the impressions you actually think you know what you’re talking about.
  9. Yup, San Diego has been cancelled again this year.
  10. Hey All, Just added a number of nice Michael Kaluta covers to my site. Click HERE to see them. Any questions? Email me at or call at 845-246-0952 Thanks for looking and have a good weekend. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  11. No. I have no interest in "selling" NFT's NFT is not for me.
  12. On the earlier issues of Warlock, Jim did tighter pencils than on the later issues, with the exception of #15.
  13. Hey All, I have several pages of Frank Miller Sin City art on my site for sale. These pages have NEVER been offered for sale before and thus are fresh-to-market. Click HERE to see the art. Any questions? Email me at or or call at 845-246-0952 Thanks for looking and have a great week. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  14. Not a blue print. You need to read the description before posting Frank would do rough blue pencil layouts, then go over the page in pencil. The Art was published from pencils. MI
  15. Good Afternoon All, I have a new selection of Michael Kaluta art on the website.Great covers, illustrations, pages and drawings for sale.Click HERE to see the new selection of art.Any questions? Email me at or call at 845-246-0952.Always looking for consignments.Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a great week.Best,Mitch ItkowitzGraphic Collectibles
  16. Just a little reminder that the sale on Kaluta art ends tonight at midnite eastern time. Click HERE to see whats on sale. Thanks for looking. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  17. Good Evening All, From today till the end of January, I’m offering a 10% discount on all Michael Kaluta art. Click HERE to see all the great Kaluta art. Any questions? Call me at 845 246-0952 or email Always looking for consignments. Thanks for looking and be careful out there. Best, Mitch Itkowitz Graphic Collectibles
  18. You positive you’re talking about me? You’re sure you’re not confusing me with someone else?
  19. Thanks, Grapey. I've been called a lot of things, Mentor isn’t one of them.
  20. Will, I’m surprised at your naïveté. Did you really expect anything different from three ART DEALERS? MI
  21. Probably 20+ years ago, my friend and I went to Gene’s place. I bought a bunch of pages and my friend bought the Iron Man #1 cover. he sold it later (through me) to pay for his kids schooling.