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  1. Kirk is easy to talk to and a good dude. We had a smooth transaction, fast payment and good communication. Thanks!
  2. You've got it. Dr. Noonian Soong I think it was. Love TNG.
  3. I believe the single biggest influence was the 50s scifi B movie 'It! The Terror from Beyond Space.' 'Alien' follows the plot and concept very closely, but obviously there were other influences as well. But as for the design of the xenomorph, I'm not entirely sure. There was an article I read in 'Starlog Magazine' years ago that mentioned something about a surrealist artist and Greek mythology, but I'd have to do the research, and that ain't happening at the moment. hahaha
  4. Regarding Frank Miller's Daredevil run, he came back in the 220s and wrote the brilliant "Born Again" story arc. It runs about 5 or 6 issues.
  5. Michael is the man! Great guy to deal with and packages his books like a boss. Thanks, homie!
  6. Yeah, most books from the late 80s to mid 90s or so were printed in such ridiculously high numbers, that I would have a difficult time purchasing at the current values. Particularly X books which were hugely popular during that era. As many as are already graded, I have to think that there are many more out there in high grade that will join the census in the years to come. I would say that if you're dead set on obtaining books from this era in high grade, that you focus on newsstand editions and Canadian price variants. Because those were printed in lower numbers than the direct, and in the c
  7. Agreed. I have an old ASM that was pressed, and I don't like how flat it looks. It's kind of weird, and you can see through the Amazing logo a little bit. I've noticed that on a lot of pressed books actually. Granted, on some books it's common to have the logo be just a little translucent, but on pressed books it's really obvious.
  8. You know, we 9.4 OW/W owners have feelings too.
  9. Damn! Next time warn a brutha! I totally would have bought that from you. I recall you beating me to one in one of those f5 sale threads a couple weeks back. That book keeps eluding me. If you want that extra 52 I've got, just holler.
  10. I agree. I was playing devil's advocate to show both sides of the argument as my previous post was why X1 was more influential than Hulk1. Which also got some blowback. Hahaha
  11. I've been piecing the set together over the past 2-3 years. Cleaned out my locals, and picked off a few ebay lots here and there, it's been fun. Officially, I only need 154 and 9 to complete the 155 issue Marvel set. And I need 18 and 19 to complete Special Missions. There are a couple I'd like to upgrade condition on, 16 and 38 come to mind. And a handful of the early ones are in the 2nd printing with the black Spidey instead of the barcode or white Spidey, so I keep my eyes peeled for those as well. I have a ton of doubles, including quite a few high numbers, even some extras in the 150
  12. Nice slabs, JDW. The 26-27 Snake Eyes origin is one of my favorite comic arcs of all time. I'm glad it's been getting more recognition this past year. IDW even reprinted it a while back.
  13. Ha! I admit that my hyperbole got the best of me there, so pardon me. I've just never considered Hulk 1 to be on the same level as AF15 and FF1, and seeing how many here did apparently triggered my snarky side, and I went a bit overboard in my description. You certainly make some very good points. I have never taken more than a cursory interest in classic Hulk books, but your passionate breakdown of the early years makes me want to.